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10 Mindblowing PopBookings Features that Smash the Status Quo

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PopBookings users are a savvy bunch! Before they made the switch to our platform, they struggled with complicated, messy solutions for meeting the demands of their industry. Because they made do with makeshift platforms for so long (Excel spreadsheets, anyone?), they’re masters of invention. But we’ve got good news: all those jerry-rigged spreadsheets and stopgap solutions are in the past. PopBookings’ user-friendly interface puts all the tools of your trade front and center, so everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips.

Our customers made the smart choice to streamline their processes and data management with PopBookings, and now we want to share some insight into the features that make our platform the perfect solution:

Database Management

We know from experience how difficult it is for agencies to organize and update their data. That’s why we created PopBookings with clarity and efficiency in mind. You can create an unlimited amount of talent and event profiles, screen applicants in-system, and intuitively search for the information you need at any stage of the staffing process.

Custom-Branded Talent Portal

Talent is your business, and we’ve made it easier than ever before to communicate with your promotional staff through our Talent Portal. You can upload your own logo and use a unique URL to strengthen your professional relationship with your talent. Promoters thrive when they know they’re an important part of your brand, and your customized Talent Portal keeps them engaged and in the loop.

Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

Scheduling doesn’t have to be a chore! PopBookings’ advanced scheduling interface is drag-and-drop enabled, allowing you the utmost ease in establishing availability, assigning shifts, and delegating roles. Once you’ve filled the necessary slots you can share assignments with your talent with the push of a button.

Geo Check-Ins

Worried that your talent didn’t make it to the venue on time? Accountability has never been this painless, because our Geo Check-In feature makes it easy for promoters to let you know they’ve arrived. Once they’re at the venue, they snap a quick selfie to confirm that they’re on-site and ready to work their magic.

Event Dashboard with Status Alerts

The fast pace of the staffing industry keeps you on your toes, so we’ve made it simple to see where your attention is needed. Our Event Dashboard statuses highlight whether an event is partially booked, fully booked, or live event happening at that moment.

3-Way Confirmations

Remember the days of obsessively scanning your inbox to see if your talent had confirmed a booking? PopBookings keeps you updated at every vital step, confirming when you’ve invited the talent to participate in an event, assigned them a shift, and when they’ve confirmed the booking.

Talent Login

Our Talent Mobile App allows your talent to have their own login capability and manage their own talent profile, uploading photos, statistics, contact information, special skills, and more. You’ll never have to solicit important information again! Giving talent access to this tool makes keeping your records updated and complete easier than it’s ever been before.

Built-In Instant Messaging

Clients can’t stop raving about how effortless it is to communicate with their ambassadors through PopBookings. Built-in messaging allows you to send and receive important information either one-on-one or to a group. Need to blast out last minute details like traffic or parking updates? We’ve got you covered.

Talent Paperwork

PopBookings all-inclusive talent profile gives you a dedicated, private, and secure place to store W-9s, resumes, or any other important paperwork from your talent. You won’t have to dig through a filing cabinet or click through desktop folders to access the information you need. It’s right where you need it to be, every time.


Once an event has concluded, it’s time to move on to the next one (and the next, and the next!). Who has the time to linger in the past? Our ePayroll capability makes tracking hours and rates, paying your talent, and maintaining payment records as effortless as possible so you can keep your momentum going.


Update August 2017

NEW: Event Reporting

“Have you turned in your report yet?” Sound familiar? Collecting reports from your staff after an event has never been easier. Now you can create unlimited report templates and attach them the same dashboard you manage your bookings. Automated reminders to staff to fill out their reports keep you from manually pinging them constantly. Track and analyze the data, delight your clients!

Event Staffing Made Simple

The PopBookings team built our platform based on our experience running an agency and the concerns of agencies like yours! That’s how we were able to create a product that meets your specific needs at every stage of the event staffing process. These features (and more) are helping agencies across the country streamline and simplify their processes, giving them time to focus on providing the best possible service.
Are you ready to embrace simplicity?  Schedule a demo and learn more about the PopBookings features that smash the status quo!

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