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3 Examples of Automation that Every Event Staffing Agency Needs

Have you ever found yourself sending the same email to 12 different people? Copying and pasting instructions from one field to another? The event staffing process, like many complex undertakings with a lot of people on board and many moving parts, can be full of redundancy. That’s why automation is your new best friend!


PopBookings’ revolutionary event staffing platform automates many aspects of the staffing process, eliminating the redundancies of agency work to save you both time and money. Here are 3 ways that our Event Dashboard introduces automation to make your work easier:

1. Event Instructions

Remember the days of manually sending emails with event instructions to every staffer working an upcoming event? Without a platform like PopBookings, staffing professionals still have to struggle to get all that information into the right hands. Now, PopBookings has eliminated that struggle!


When you create an event in our Event Dashboard, you’re prompted to enter any additional information that talent will need (for example: what to wear, who to call when they get there, talking points about the brand, setup instructions, etc.). Once you’ve booked talent for the event, their Talent Mobile App displays these event instructions automatically, eliminating the need to go back and forth over email. When you update that information in the Event Dashboard, those changes sync to the Talent App as well. If they have any further questions, PopBookings’ chat feature makes it easy to reach out and communicate without clogging up your inbox or your To Do list.

2. Event Invites

Are you still using Mailchimp to send event invites to potential event staff? That means creating templates, plugging in all the information about the event, and asking people to email you back with their contact info if they are interested and available to work. Then, you have to wait for responses, watch your inbox, track who has replied and who hasn’t, and then input the available talent into a spreadsheet, yes, manually.

With PopBookings, all it takes is one click to send event invites to your entire talent database (and if you’re using PopBookings you’ve probable built your biggest and best database ever). Or, you can search your database to pick and choose a select group of event workers. BOOM! Let the invites run themselves. Not only do automated invites go out to everyone you’ve selected, your talent can respond through their mobile app and their responses are automatically updated on the event page, giving you access to up-to-date information about who is available and who isn’t. It’s never been easier or more streamlined to staff an event!

3. Talent Reminders

It’s important to check in with talent and make sure they have what they need and are prepared to put their best foot forward on behalf of your agency. That’s why most agencies send out reminders to talent before events that they’re going to be working. But sending personalized reminders to everyone working every event (not to mention tracking who responds and who doesn’t) can add up to a major headache fast!


That’s why we automated talent reminders. Once someone is scheduled, you can rest assured that they’ll receive an automatic reminder and be where they need to be when you need them. Best of all, this takes no extra effort on the agency’s part. And, instead of tracking every reply you receive, you’re able to focus only on talent who don’t respond, taking your reminder work from 100% to 10%.

Revolutionize Your Workload!

These are just three examples of the PopBookings features that will streamline your processes to save you from duplicating time and effort. That means you’re free to book more clients, staff

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    Thank you for sharing automation for every event staffing agency. It is a basic need for every agency.