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3 Reasons You Need a Talent Mobile App

These days, it’s becoming increasingly important for promotional staffing agencies to go mobile. With the majority of your field staff being young 18-30 year olds, they rely on technology more than ever before.

Here are 3 reasons why it is crucial your agency utilizes a mobile app:

Your talent is on-the-go

Whenever you get a booking pop up, the easiest way to get ahold of them is through their mobile device. Want the quickest response? A push notification is the most efficient way to get a response fast.  

Everyone is on their phones, all the time

Have an urgent question for someone? Don’t want to text someone from your personal phone? Your talent are always checking their phones. Sending them an instant message through a mobile app will get a much faster response than an email. They may check their emails every other day meaning you will be waiting for a response for a few days.

Geo Check-Ins are the ultimate timesheets

A phone call or manager’s signature when they arrive onsite may not be efficient anymore. With a mobile app, your talent’s exact geo coordinates and timestamp can be recorded. This ensures an ultimate level of accuracy. This makes it really hard for your talent to fib about when they arrived.

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