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Only 30 Days to Gain 50% More Efficiency for Your Promotional Staffing Agency

Change can overwhelming. For some, it can be downright scary.

Some companies will dump you into their platform expecting you to be able to pick up and go. When we are running your entire business off of a software, you don’t want to leave potentially missing details to chance.

Here at PopBookings, we understand that. We have a highly structured 30 day process to ramp you up on gaining efficiency using our platform. We hold your hand through the whole process.

Curious on what that looks like? Here is how a typical 30 day start on PopBookings looks like:


Week 1: Internal Testing

The first week is easy. We will hop on an initial set up call which usually lasts about 1-1.5 hours depending on how many questions and discussion items there are to talk through. We walk you through your new account and give you a good sense of where everything is on the platform.

After that call, you are free to start using your new dashboard! This is your time to learn. To understand how it looks on both sides. One way to do this is to create your own talent account as if you were registering to work for your agency. From there

We also have this handy dandy getting started guide that walks you through creating a pilot event and booking yourself for it.

This is a good time to internally play around with setting up your events on PopBookings. Every agency does this a little differently and yes, we can make recommendations based on the types of events you staff (liquor promos, street teams, event activations, catering events, etc.)

Once you are comfortable with how it looks for you and your staff, it’s time to start onboarding your staff!


Week 2-3: Database Migration & Sending First Bookings

The second and third week include importing any existing database that you might want to integrate into your PopBookings account. (Yes, you don’t have to start from scratch, but you can if you want.)

The best news yet is that we can help you through the database migration process. We send out activation emails to everyone you want in your database to get up and running. Since we have done this many times, we know exactly when is best to send those emails, what design is more effective, and how to continuously remind your staff to finish their new profiles.

With our unique system, we can query who might already have a PopBookings profile and automatically link their profile with your agency. With any new database list, we average 10-30% of your staff list will already have a profile on PopBookings. That means once we start the migration process, you will already have people to book ready-to-go!

(Note: you do only work with your own database on PopBookings. You are not forced to choose from an outside talent pool.)

Once you have staff in your talent database, you are ready to start booking! Many agencies will start fresh with new bookings and enter those into their portal. Any events that may have been staffed prior to adopting PopBookings will be left on your old system until they are done and all events you are managing are in one system moving forward. Ah, simplicity.


Week 4: Loose Ends

The last week is to tie up all loose ends. We follow up with you and your team to ensure that your questions are answered. After using PopBookings for a couple of weeks, you start to find a flow for your unique business needs.

The best way to learn is to do it for yourself. The first step is to contact us. Click here to schedule a demo with a PopBookings representative today!


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