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4 Ways PopBookings Will Make Your Busy Season Less Stressful

Summer is here! In many industries, summer is a time of relaxation and rest, with long weekends spent at the lake or the beach. Not for event staffing professionals, though! Nope – summer is often the busiest time of the year – outdoor events happen every weekend to take advantage of the warm weather, and staffing companies are overworked and stressed out.

If you’re tired of tearing your hair out trying to keep up with all the events, clients, and talent, PopBookings has a little secret for you: our platform isn’t just an intuitive place to do your work – it actually helps you do your work more efficiently!! Sound too good to be true? Check out these 4 ways that PopBookings can make your busy season (spring, summer, winter, or fall) way less stressful.

Automate Your Redundant Processes

Nobody likes slogging through redundant work. Tacked-together excel spreadsheets and inefficient database systems cost you more than just momentary frustration – they take up time that would be better spent elsewhere. That’s why PopBookings features eliminate redundancies and streamline your work.

For example, our GPS Check-in feature can eliminate 90% of your manual tracking of talent check-ins, confirmations, etc. Instead of tracking 10 people’s check-ins through separate emails or texts, our event dashboard shows you who has checked in and who hasn’t. Then, you only have to focus on the 10% of people who might need attention instead of stressing over each of them individually. You don’t have to sweat the small stuff this summer!

Stop Your Inbox from Overflowing

Are you sick of sending emails that sit in an inbox unread while you wait for a reply? Tired of typing follow-ups to important messages and fishing for a response? There’s a better way! One of our favorite PopBookings features is the ability to use chats to communicate both internally and with event staff.

Group chats are great for on-site communication with staffers (“Hey guys, please meet me by the elevators at 9am!”) and allow your staffing coordinators to monitor any conversation from their dashboard. One-on-one direct messages connect you with anyone in your office or your database for individual conversations. And PopBookings’ chat platform automatically categorizes your correspondence so you can easily view only what’s relevant to a particular event.

Don’t Be Your Own Tech Support

Our support team is engaged and active in helping new clients learn the PopBookings platform and all of its innovative features. But our commitment to advising clients doesn’t stop at agency staff – we’ll handle questions from your talent as well! You don’t need the hassle of fielding emails or phone calls from event staffers seeking answers to every little question under the sun. Our stellar customer support team has you covered!

When our friendly service team receives a support ticket, they respond quickly and accurately, answering any question with confidence and kindness. Whether you or your talent have a question about features like picture uploads, check-ins on our mobile talent portal, or building a profile, we’ll help you out so you can focus your energy and attention on more important things.

Make Recruiting A Snap

When the busy season arrives, many agencies have to rush to bulk up their roster to fulfill the increased demand. And with process-heavy recruiting models, this can add a TON of time to your already busy day. PopBookings makes it incredibly easy for talent agencies to build their biggest and best database ever, and all you have to do is send out a link to your talent portal!

Agency staff can easily post a portal link anywhere on the internet, then sit back and watch the talent file in. PopBookings lets your applicants do the work of filling out their own information, so you don’t have to go back and forth if anything is forgotten or missing.  We give the power to the people! (As in they can change their address if they need to, and your database is automatically updated with the information you need.)

We also make it easy for brand ambassadors to register with multiple agencies. How does that benefit you? Check it out.

De-Stressing Your Busy Season (& Beyond)

PopBookings was designed specifically for event staffing companies to solve the problems that keep them from doing their best work, wowing clients, and building an incredible talent roster. We believe staffing companies should be busy doing what they love, not stressing over the small stuff. That’s why our innovative platform provides streamlined solutions that allow staffing professionals to focus their energy where it really matters.


Are you ready to de-stress your busy season (and let’s be honest, the rest of the year, too)? Contact us today to schedule a FREE demo and see what all the buzz is about!

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