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6 Reasons to Ditch Your Email Dependence & Use Chat Instead

Are you sick of sending emails that sit in an inbox unread while you wait for a reply? Tired of typing follow-ups to important messages and fishing for a response? There’s a better way!

One of our favorite PopBookings features is the ability to use chats to communicate both internally and with event staff. We’ve seen the benefits of chat-based communication firsthand – that’s why we built it into our revolutionary event staffing software! Now we’re excited to share those benefits with you.

1. Instant Connection

Everyone understands the frustration of feeling left in the dark about important communication. Did they get it? Did they read it? Why haven’t they responded yet?!?!

With PopBookings built-in chat feature, you can connect instantly with colleagues in the office and out in the field. Sharing pertinent information has never been easier or faster. You can get your work done quickly without the stress of email “lag time.”

2. Easy Access

We know how annoying it is to scroll through your inbox searching for the message you need. That’s why we’ve made it so you can access chats with anyone in your database from anywhere on your dashboard! The event staffing industry depends on the timely distribution of information, so you shouldn’t have to waste any time communicating with your team.

Group chats are great for on-site communication (“Hey everyone, let’s meet by the fountain in the lobby!”) and allow your office staffing coordinators to monitor any conversation from their dashboard. One-on-one direct messages connect you with anyone in your office or your database for individual conversations. And that’s not all! PopBookings’ chat automatically categorizes your correspondence so you can easily view only what’s relevant to a particular event.

3. Privacy & Security

Keep your work and personal life separate! There’s no need to use your personal cell phone for work calls, emails, or texts when our dashboard gives you everything you need to communicate both internally and externally all in one place. As an added bonus, you’ll always know exactly where to look for a log of your messages!

This feature also improves the security of your data. Because everything is channeled through the PopBookings platform, your information and communication history is only accessible to those who have clearance within the organization.

4. Accountability & Transparency

In addition to offering privacy and security, PopBookings’ chat feature vastly improves accountability and transparency within your team. Timestamps let you see when messages are sent and when they receive a response, keeping everyone on the same page. By incentivizing quick responses and putting your communication needs front and center, your team can cut down on the time it takes to make important decisions and share vital information. The days of long, confusing email chains and delayed responses are over!

5. Multi-User Ability

Your event staff can see who in the agency they are talking to, putting a friendly face on their interactions with your team. And agency owners can see their event coordinator’s messages to staff in the field. This empowers your team to work quickly and collaboratively. Instead of everyone feeling cut off in their own little communication silo, PopBookings’ chat feature creates a community that is responsive, team-oriented, and transparent.

6. Liberate Your Inbox

Do you ever look at your inbox and feel overwhelmed by all the clutter? Here’s the good news: less emails in your inbox from staff means you can keep your client communications at the forefront. When internal conversations are carried out through chat, your email inbox becomes a focused platform that enables you to serve your clients with clear-minded efficiency.


The chat feature has revolutionized how the PopBookings team does our work and we can’t wait to hear how our clients are using it to enhance their communications, too! But you don’t have to take our word for it – one of our clients was so impressed with our platform’s chat capabilities that he said:


“PopBookings’ chat messaging feature lets me effectively communicate important details. Before, an email that wasn’t received on time could negatively affect a whole event. Now, the automated system puts a professional face on our communications and I don’t feel like I’m chasing people down.”


Are you ready to revolutionize your staff and client communication? Ditch your email dependence for our chat feature! Take the first step today and contact us to schedule a free demo.

Erika K

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