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7 Trends Every Promotional Staffing Agency Should Embrace

We’re several months into 2016 now, but it’s never too late to make a few resolutions to improve your business! Sure, we all have big goals like “grow our reach” and “serve clients better,” but there are concrete steps we can take along the way that help us make these big ideas into everyday realities.


We’ve kept our finger on the pulse of the event staffing industry, and we’d like to share some of the trends we noticed and how they can help you meet your goals in 2016:

Update Your Website

There is simply no excuse to not have a clean, good-looking website. Especially in this industry! People expect good design from a company they want to work with and an outdated website tells potential clients that you don’t pay attention to the details. Is that the first impression you want to leave with them?


PRO TIP: Cut the clutter. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul, just trimming down redundant content or overly busy images can help your site look modern and fresh.

Make a Facebook Page

Everyone (literally everyone) is on Facebook. If your company isn’t yet, it’s time to show that you’re social. Besides the SEO perks, a Facebook page demonstrates your credibility. If people are willing to put it on their personal profiles that they like your company, it makes it easier for new clients to say “yes” to your agency.


PRO TIP: Offering discounts to a few clients for leaving a testimonial on your Facebook page is a great way to feature positive feedback.

Create a Custom Talent Portal

Having a custom-branded talent portal gives your talent an engaging place to manage their working relationship with you. We polled 300 brand ambassadors and 95% of them said they prefer working with an agency who has a talent login. It helps them feel like an integral part of your brand and makes it easy to keep them informed.


PRO TIP: PopBookings’ platform gives you the tools you need to easily create an accessible, highly-functional talent portal!

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Every agency does things a little differently, that’s part of creating a unique brand. Be sure the people you work with know how you do things, whether they’re in-house staff or promotional talent. Set clear expectations and your team will rise to the occasion and meet them!


PRO TIP: Emails often get lost, misfiled, or ignored. Our Talent Portal has built-in instant messaging so you can communicate to individuals or groups easily and efficiently.

Share Your Wisdom

There’s no doubt you’ve earned your place in the market through hard work and dedication, and learned a lot along the way. While you shouldn’t broadcast all your secrets, sharing some insider knowledge now and then is a great way to demonstrate your credibility and leadership. A simple document outlining best practices can give your talent a boost and help with their professional development.


PRO TIP: Start blogging! A company blog is a great resource for your team and your talent, and gives potential clients a peek into how you work and express yourself.

Engage Your Talent

Do your best and brightest brand ambassadors know how much you appreciate them? With most promotional talent working for multiple agencies at a time, yours needs a way to stand out and secure their loyalty. After all, these are the people on the front lines representing your agency to your clients and beyond!


PRO TIP: Whether it’s a short note of appreciation after a job well done or a small bonus during the holiday season, the little things you do go a long way towards keeping your talent happy.

Take Good Notes

If you are diligent now, your future self will thank you. “Who was it that I worked with? How did they do? Was it Jessica who was on her phone throughout the whole event? Or was it Jill? I can’t remember…” You can keep these questions from breaking your brain by taking just a few seconds to reflect after an event or meeting.


PRO TIP: Our talent profiles give you the ability to keep private records for your future reference when staffing an event. You’ll never have to buy sticky notes again!


Embracing just a few of these tips can help put you on track to meet your big goals for 2016! If you’d like to learn more about how PopBookings can help, contact us!

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