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8 Fantastic PopBookings Features You Probably Don’t Know About (Yet!)

We’ve built so many exciting features into our innovative event staffing dashboard that it can be hard to keep track of them all! Whether you’re looking to build a bigger database, streamline your communication, or keep track of exceptional talent, PopBookings has the solutions you need. While we’ve already discussed many of our most popular features on the blog, there’s even more to explore!

Here are 8 more features that will make your work easier and more efficient. Buckle your seatbelt – you’re gonna love them all!

1. Booking Conflict Alerts

When you’re booking multiple events in the same time period, it’s tough to keep track of who is working where! To prevent you from overbooking a particular staffer, an automatic conflict alert appears in the booking dashboard to let you know if they are booked elsewhere. If the conflict is internal (booked through your agency), you’ll be able to see the exact details of the conflicting booking. External conflicts (booked through other agencies) also appear, saving you time and scheduling headaches.

2. Inviting Talent Per Position

Not only does PopBookings make it easy to build your biggest and best database ever, our platform makes scheduling talent a breeze. With the ability to book multiple positions at different rates (such as brand ambassador, team lead, or emcee), you can specifically invite and book talent who are rockstars in a particular skill set.


On our Talent Booking screen, you can select “General Invite” (for all positions, the default setting), “Team Lead” (for management positions), or other options depending on your needs.

Invited talent only sees shifts, rates, and info for the positions you’ve made available to them.

3. Exporting Talent & Event Data

We’ve made it easy to export data to share with clients or your team, either before or after an event. Event data exporting pulls the information you need shift by shift (refined by date range or specific events), including who is booked (and their contact info), when they’re booked, payment rates, etc… You can also export your talent database, including talent profiles, with the click of a button in your account settings dashboard.


This feature is great for client invoicing as well as creating schedules, running reports, and analyzing event data. Don’t worry – data exporting is only available to master admins, so your proprietary information never falls into the wrong hands.

4. Talent Profile Tagging

When you work with incredible talent, you’ll want to remember them for future bookings. Our profile tagging feature makes it easy to find your “A-team” or talent with specific training in a certain product or brand, taking the guesswork out of scheduling the perfect staff for each event. You can also tag talent by region to make it easy to find the best talent in every location.

Just head to your Talent’s profile and in the “Notes” screen you can choose existing tags or create customized tags that work for you!

5. Three Dashboard View Options

Sometimes it’s helpful to change your perspective! In the Event Dashboard, you can switch views by selecting the icons at the top of your screen. We’ve developed “Stream View” (the default view), “Event List View,” and “Calendar View” so you have several options to organize the information on your dashboard.


The “Event List View” offers greater filtering abilities (by client, location, etc…) and “Calendar View” gives you an intuitive, visual way to see what events you’ve got coming up. You can easily toggle between views to work in the way that makes most sense to you.

6. Mark As Available

This is one of our favorite features! When you need to find available talent fast, it’s a snap with the “Mark Available” option. If you’ve confirmed with talent that they’re available and interested in an event, there’s no need to send an invite when you already know the answer. You can skip the invite process and just send a booking confirmation, then mark the talent as available. This is just one example of PopBookings’ flexible applications making your work less stressful!

7. Support Button

The Support Button puts you in touch with our awesome, knowledgeable, and friendly support team with a simple click. If you need anything, we’re ready to help! Oh, and did we mention that the majority of our support tickets receive attention within the first hour after they’ve been submitted? The industry average is a whopping 18 hours, so PopBookings’ quick response time puts you way ahead of the curve.

8. Client Packaging

If a client wants to approve candidates before confirming their bookings, just choose the packaging feature on your Talent Booking screen. You can toggle from “hide” to “show” on the talent profiles you want to present, then hit “generate link” and automatically create a custom-branded web page with a unique link you can send over to the client.

Your client package is polished and highly interactive, allowing clients to scroll through photos, hit approve or decline on talent, and quickly submit their choices to you! Approved talent have a green check mark and declined talent have a red x –  so it’s easy for you to know who to book to keep your clients impressed.

Are you ready to learn more about our fantastic features or get started on the revolutionary PopBookings event staffing platform? Contact us today to schedule a FREE demo!

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