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Stop having shifts go unfilled.

 With PopBookings Recruit,  rest assured you have additional options to fill those shifts by tapping into the largest community of event workers in the industry. With a click of a button your job can be visible to a highly captive audience of experienced professionals. On average, PopBookings jobs are being viewed by 2,000 potential candidates each day.

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How it Works

Using PopBookings Recruit is as easy as these three steps:

  1. Post your job.
  2. Hit the “Post to Recruit” button.
  3. Book your unicorns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PopBookings Recruit?

PopBookings recruit is a recruitment tool for our users to gain access to more event workers. Posting a job to Recruit will make it visible to a broader group of potential workers.

Who is in the Recruit pool of talent?

The talent pool of Recruits comprises of the most active PopBookings users there are. These individuals have worked many jobs on the platform and actively apply to many opportunities. We want to offer you the most seamless experience when hiring out-of-network so we use a list of requirements to make a talent eligible to work Recruit jobs. There are Recruits in 8,600 different cities across the country.

Can talent register with my agency directly if they find me through Recruit?

Absolutely! If you use our management software tools and both parties want to connect for potential future work, the talent can register with your company directly using the “Agency Connect” feature after 30 days of working together.

What happens if the person I hire doesn’t show up?

First of all, we take these cases very seriously. You can report no shows through the PopBookings platform and it will ban that talent from applying to jobs on our marketplace for future. 

Can I review a Recruit after they have worked for me?

You sure can! And this is encouraged with any Recruit you hire. This helps us maintain a strong, accountable community for all! The Recruits can also provide feedback on how their experience was working with you as an F.Y.I.

What is the cost to use Recruit?

It is free to post your job to Recruit. Once you start contacting candidates, you will incur a service fee of $5 per applicant. If you say “No Thanks” to a candidate, you will not be charged for that candidate. NOTE: we send the applicant a note when you say “Not Thanks” and it is logged on their profile and could affect their ability to get future work.  

Do talent have a fee to book through Recruit?

No, they do not incur a fee to apply or accept booking on PopBookings.

Can I contact the talent outside of the system?

Contacting the talent outside the system is discouraged, but if it is absolutely necessary, it’s permitted. For example, if you want to schedule a phone interview with the individual before hiring, you can. All booking, confirming, time tracking, and payment should be done through the software as per our Terms of Service. 

Can I pay talent booked through Recruit outside of the system?

Yes, with PopBookings Recruit Leads, you can choose your method of payment to talent.

Do I need to file 1099-MISC for people booked through Recruit?

You are responsible for tax filings of the talent you book and pay from PopBookings Recruit Leads. We also have the option to pay talent through PopBookings in which case we do the tax filings for you. Contact sales for more information.

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