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Air Relax Cools Runner’s Legs at Publix Health and Fitness Expo

The Air Relax booth at the Publix Health and Fitness Expo at the Broward County Convention Center was a perfect addition to the event! Their product is perfect for runners by providing them with the relaxing experience of compression leg sleeves. 


Tactic: Target Audience
By choosing to attend an event geared towards health minded professionals, Air Relax hit the nail on the head. Their product is specifically designed to help with recovery. They were displaying their leg compression sleeve which is a runner’s dream.

Tactic: Product Demonstration

The tactic of showcasing the product in person is a no-brainer for this kind of a product. It allows the “try-before-you-buy” tactic that many consumers would want before buying a premium product like this. Not to mention, it is extremely relaxing! 


Tactic: Product Specialist

The booth was run by Mariangel Poleo who was knowledgeable and helpful. For this kind of product, having someone who can not only help you with trying out the product, but also answer more technical questions is key. 


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