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Building Your Biggest & Best Talent Database with PopBookings

It’s no industry secret that staffing agencies thrive when their talent database is the biggest and best it can be. For years, agencies have struggled to balance recruiting new talent, managing existing staff, and maintaining their complex and unwieldy database to keep on top of it all. Recruiting fresh faces could be a major struggle without streamlined processes and responsive data management solutions.

Luckily, the days of manually updating excel spreadsheets are over and you and your team can focus on growing without the hassle. PopBookings’ event staffing software makes it easy to recruit, manage, and retain talent. That means you spend your time where it really counts – giving your clients access to the best and brightest staffers in the business.

More People, Better People

You know it’s true: more is better. The larger the pool of talent you can make available to your clients, the better you can serve their unique and specific needs. And the more people you have available in your database, the more outstanding talent you can find and cultivate. This is why the biggest high schools usually have the best sports teams; talent is a numbers game.

PopBookings was built from the ground up by founders with agency experience. That’s how we know which pain points agencies desperately need fixed in order to grow and thrive! We’ve made it as easy as possible to onboard new talent because we know that when you have more people available, you can better serve your clients and expand your reach.

How It Works

With PopBookings, agency personnel have access to potential talent at the touch of a button. When you place a casting call or event listing, applicants are directed to fill out a profile on your talent portal that you can approve with ease. The profiles you accept are added to an intuitive, searchable, automatically updated database for immediate or future placement.

Here’s a little secret: top-shelf talent is much more likely to fill out a profile on our talent portal than to complete a one-off web form with an uncertain destination. When they visit the PopBookings talent portal and see your agency’s custom branding, they feel confident in your professional reputation and ability to provide them with engaging opportunities. Additionally, filling out their own profile gives them a sense of control over their image and their information. Even if they have a conflict with your listed event, they’ll create a profile to apply for future opportunities and log back in to check for approval and upcoming jobs.

For agencies, this process enables streamlined and highly automated recruiting and talent management. Our talent profiles collect all the information you need so you don’t have to spend time chasing down missing details or additional paperwork. Instead of going back and forth with every potential fresh face, you can approve or deny profiles with the click of a button.

Attracting Quality Applicants

Building a database full of high quality talent has never been easier than with PopBookings’ event staffing software. Not only do we make it simple for agencies to source talent on national level, we understand what motivates the best and brightest event staffers and give them everything they need to know that they’re in good hands. PopBookings is the only multi-agency enabled system in the industry. Top tier talent can maintain one profile across multiple agencies, which benefits your agency by providing easier access for the professional, high-quality talent who know the ropes and are active and engaged in their work for you.

So post your casting calls everywhere and often, link to your custom branded talent portal, and encourage referrals! Then you can sit back and watch the talent roll in, automatically populating your database with event staff on a local and national level. With PopBookings, you no longer have to fear the flood of extra paperwork that used to haunt your recruiting process. We’ve made it easy for you to build the biggest and best database in the business!


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