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"Clients are so impressed with our client decks, and they’re so much easier to create. It makes them so much cleaner and more professional."
Trevor, Activation Pro, CEO

Activation Pro is a staffing company that is achieving great things and cultivating an impressive client list through its focus on the entertainment industry. Their clients have included major movies such as Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and television networks such as Comedy Central, Amazon, and HBO. While many event staffing providers focus on brand ambassadors for in-store food samples and car shows, Activation Pro saw a need within the entertainment industry and has pursued it to great success.

However, before discovering PopBookings’ recruiting and management platform, the team at Activation Pro struggled to locate, book, and communicate with the talent pool they needed to achieve their goals. Trevor Christensen, the Founder and CEO of Activation Pro, reflects that “we did it all ‘analog’ because we didn’t have a real system. We had to post jobs on Facebook, email back and forth with potential staffers, and collect their information in massive spreadsheets” to refer back to later. As a result, there was an enormous amount of wasted time and duplicated effort, and sometimes little mistakes would still slip through the cracks.


All event staffing companies are familiar with this story – the endless emails and texts from staff, the jobs postings on Facebook and Craigslist (and the horror stories that ensue), and hours spent compiling PDF client decks or lookbooks. Luckily, PopBookings is here to banish the “bad old days” from your memory. “Everything PopBookings offered was exactly what we needed,” Trevor says.

Client Decks Take a Giant Leap Forward

One of Trevor’s worst memories of working without a comprehensive recruiting and management system was a long plane ride spent manually compiling a lookbook for a potential client, which required him to cut and paste information from many different emails into a new document. It took hours and hours, and when the client ultimately chose a different agency it felt like an enormous waste of his time and effort.

Since discovering Popbookings, Trevor and his team have access to our automated client deck creation feature, which eliminates all the manual work they used to be forced to do. Now, “clients are so impressed with our client decks,” he says, “and they’re so much easier to create. It makes them so much cleaner and more professional.” 

Streamlined Communications Enables Better Customer Service

The Activation Pro team also loves PopBookings’ job posting platform and communication features. They can send massive numbers of jobs to their applicant pool in targeted areas and find high-quality even staff to satisfy clients across the country. “The way the posting and job board works eliminates communications errors about dress codes, contact info, etc… the amount of mistakes has been reduced enormously” and clients are consistently wowed by the service Activation Pro provides.


They’ve also been able to get rid of untidy email chains and streamline communication so their event staffers have access to all the information they need to be successful in their work and the team in the office has all the tools they need to remotely manage them. “It’s like going from the pre-internet days to the internet age – like we were using Encyclopedia Britannica and now suddenly we have Wikipedia,” Trevor says. “PopBookings offered the key things that I really needed. We’re incredibly happy.”

PopBookings’ Personal Touch Makes a Difference

What’s Trevor’s favorite part about working with PopBookings? “The incredible staff who take care of us,” he raves. We’re glad he feels that way, because our commitment to our clients goes further than offering a revolutionary event staffing solution. We’re always happy to work with clients to ensure they’re getting the absolute best of all the benefits our platform provides. And we don’t just provide support to our clients – we’re able to provide technical support to their event staff as well so they don’t have to become tech support (that’s our job!).


The good feelings are mutual – we love supporting clients like Trevor and Activation Pro who are doing incredible work and blazing new trails in the event staffing space.

Are You an Event Staffing Agency too?

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