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How Carey Leverages PopBookings “Manage” & “Recruit” for Maximum Value

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"We love PopBookings Recruit! It gives us the option to fill a larger number of shifts on-demand in markets where we didn’t have talent. It allows us to have more control of who gets hired from the available job candidates, rather than relying on a third party to source candidates."
Rachel, Carey International, Director of Staffing

As the world’s leading provider of chauffeured services and ground transportation logistics management, Carey International hires a large number of contractors as chauffeurs and greeters for various events. They were searching for a more efficient way to streamline their hiring process and scale their operations. That’s when they stumbled across PopBookings.

Managing Ongoing Staffing Needs In-House

Carey hires contractors for one-off events such as airport or hotel greets on an ongoing basis. However, they had no existing management software that could streamline their processes. This led to contractors expressing that it could be difficult to access the information that they needed to get their jobs done. It trickled down and affected the entire team’s ability to do their best work.


According to Robert Turner,  Vice President and General Manager, Meetings and Events Services at Carey International, before utilizing PopBookings, the company’s processes were the most “Fred Flintstone” way of booking. Their event managers would have to individually call or email contractors to invite them to jobs and confirm them for shifts. They knew this process was not scalable and were looking for a technology partner to help them modernize their approach, provide faster, more sophisticated service to their clients, and access a better trained workforce.

The tools within the PopBookings software were exactly what we needed!” Rachel Perry, Sourcing Manager at Carey.

Episodic Need for Large Numbers of Staff Leads to the Need for Recruit

The Activation Pro team also loves PopBookings’ job posting platform and communication features. They can send massive numbers of jobs to their applicant pool in targeted areas and find high-quality even staff to satisfy clients across the country. “The way the posting and job board works eliminates communications errors about dress codes, contact info, etc… the amount of mistakes has been reduced enormously” and clients are consistently wowed by the service Activation Pro provides.


A few times a year, Carey’s volume spikes to hundreds of shifts that need to be filled quickly. One example of this is their involvement in the Super Bowl. During the short week leading up to the game, Carey is tasked with finding and hiring hundreds of people for a limited engagement. Since this event moves from city to city each year, their internal database can only staff so many shifts using PopBookings Manage alone. 


Before finding PopBookings, Carey would turn to several staffing agencies to work on a special engagement,which required them to pay a “headhunting” fee to help fill these positions. Once candidates were found, Carey interviewed, managed, and paid them directly. This is a unique case that is not a perfect fit for the normal full-service staffing agency/client engagement model.

Now, Carey uses PopBookings Recruit to help fulfill their episodic staffing needs without needing to hire third party support. Even better, they can do it all within the same software that they are already familiar with using. This further centralizes all of their contractor hiring needs, streamlines their processes, and costs them less. 

First, Carey worked with the PopBookings team to put together a job listing that made sense for who they were hiring (one great example of the “hands-on” approach the customer service team at PopBookings provides.) Then, they were able to post their job to the entire network of workers in the Atlanta, GA area. The parameters included geographic location, second parameter, and third parameter.

Within a few short days, Carey received 169 number of applicants to interview. They were able to successfully fill 288 shifts for the week of the Super Bowl. Through Recruit, they were also able to easily communicate important job details, make automated payments to every worker, and review the staffers they would like to consider for future jobs.

Learn How PopBookings Can Help You With Your Event Staffing Efforts

At PopBookings, we aim to solve 2 major problems that all staffing companies face:
1. The lack of efficient processes in hiring a temporary workforce
2. The lack of access to quality talent

As Carey’s experience proves, our Manage and Recruit products are complementary and can both be used to ensure that you can fill your shifts with minimal time and effort. If you have an ongoing need to find, book, and pay event staff, our management tools will help you work within your own internal database to accomplish it all. In the cases where you do not have available talent in a particular area, you can turn to Recruit to fill in the gaps. 


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