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"Before PopBookings, I was only able to focus on one client at a time. Now, I’m able to pick up new clients in other states and other cities."
Erick, Chicks in Your Shirt, CEO

Erick Comellas of Chicks in Your Shirt was frustrated with the status quo in the event staffing industry. Finding, booking, and paying talent was a constant struggle requiring multiple messy spreadsheets and tons of unanswered emails. Then PopBookings’ specialized event staffing platform streamlined Erick’s processes and gave him the time and energy to take his business to new heights.

Chicks in Your Shirt is an event staffing agency specializing in promotional talent. They engage their network of intelligent and attractive models to provide a fresh way to influence consumers at trade shows, product launches, sporting events, and more. Their ethos of passionate professionalism sets them apart and inspires their talent and clients alike.

The Data Management Nightmare

If you work in the event staffing industry, you know that managing your data and processes can be a total nightmare. The behind-the-scenes work of discovering, engaging, and tracking talented workers for multiple events across a variety of locations requires time and energy that could be better spent growing your business. For years, agencies like Chicks in Your Shirt have struggled to develop and refine their own internal processes, but the best options available are complicated spreadsheets and unsophisticated recruiting platforms like Craigslist.

The result? A time and effort-intensive process that complicates your job and distracts you from opportunities to expand and thrive. As Erick attests, “Doing everything through emails and spreadsheets made it very difficult for me to gain more clients and do more work on a daily basis because I felt like I was constantly running behind.”

PopBookings Provides the Solution

Luckily for the event staffing industry, PopBookings founders Erika Klotz and Scott Hanson created their platform from the inside out with your needs in mind. Their experience running an agency gave them firsthand insight into the uphill battle of managing hundreds of talent and event listings. They envisioned a simple, integrated platform that would accelerate the event staffing process from beginning to end, and then they built it!

From recruiting and booking talent to managing events and tracking payment information, PopBookings’ platform provides an intuitive interface that allows staffing companies like Chicks in Your Shirt to manage important data and processes with remarkable ease and efficiency. Instead of fighting with clumsy spreadsheets and disconnected communication platforms, PopBookings equips agencies with a one-stop shop that meets all their needs.

Spend your time growing

Agency owners like Erick Comellas see results with PopBookings. Where he used to spend hours each week managing vital data such as talent profiles and availability, today he uses that time to book new talent, land new contracts, and grow his business. Since joining PopBookings, he’s been able to significantly increase both his talent pool and client list.

Erick says, “One of the main challenges was organizing my data and being able to have a quick turnaround for clients as far as who was available. Because PopBookings is specifically tailored to the event staffing industry, the design and user interface made managing my data easy.” He estimates that he’s cut recruiting and booking times in half as a result of the PopBookings platform. “Before, I was only able to focus on one client at a time to make sure they were served correctly. Now, I’m able to pick up new clients in other states and other cities.”

Chicks in Your Shirt is based in Orlando and has provided staff for many events in central and south Florida, but Erick has recently been contracted to staff events on the east coast and in the southwest as well. One major victory for Chicks in Your Shirt was gaining a new national account for Xyience Energy Drink. Erick attributes his recent expansion to PopBookings’ efficiency. “A lot of that has to do with what I’ve been able to do with the PopBookings system. I can provide better service with a faster turnaround.”

Spend your time growing

PopBookings integrated Event Dashboard and Talent Database provide staffing agencies with everything you need to attract, book, and manage ambassadors and event listings. Their streamlined staffing solution keeps your data organized and accessible, so your team and your talent are on the same page. In addition, the Talent Mobile App allows for instantaneous communication between you and your promoters, whether it’s a job invite, a booking confirmation, or directions to the event.

While Erick would prefer to keep the benefits of PopBookings a secret from competitors, he can’t help but be enthusiastic about the platform and how it’s helped Chicks in Your Shirt grow. “I would recommend PopBookings because of the team behind the software. They are experienced and well versed in the industry. They know how to solve the problems we face.”

Now it’s your turn!

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