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A PopBookings customer story – Natural & Organic Marketing

How One Company Was Able to Scale Using the PopBookings Intuitive Platform.

Natural & Organic Marketing



more applications from staffers


less time spent on the hiring process


increase in time spent with clients

"PopBookings allows me to spend more time with clients and make those conversations more meaningful."
Ed, Natural & Organic Marketing, CEO

Ed Coffin of Natural & Organic Marketing (N&OM) was experiencing growing pains. As a marketing support and staffing company specializing in sampling demos, the company was part of a vibrant and expanding market, but struggled to manage their scheduling and hiring processes through a “patchwork” of different data management programs that each only addressed part of their needs. Then the PopBookings all-in-one event staffing platform burst onto the scene, providing companies like Natural & Organic Marketing a solution that streamlines the staffing process from start to finish and helps them grow.

Is The “Patchwork” Problem Holding You Back?

Ed’s story will sound all too familiar to other professionals in the marketing and event staffing business. Staffing companies have struggled for years with complicated combinations of documents, spreadsheets, and forms that need to be constantly updated and managed. Each company has had to create their own system from scratch, leading to unfortunate redundancies and wasting valuable time and money. At Natural & Organic Marketing, the systems that had worked at a low volume were starting to hold the company back from growing their business, particularly when it came to the hiring process.

“In the past, we would have hundreds of messages from applicants flooding our email with incomplete information, no proper formatting, and tons of attachments to open and manage,” Ed says. “It got to the point where we couldn’t continue to grow using that model. Those systems were starting to break down.”

The PopBookings Streamlined Platform Makes Hiring A Snap!

PopBookings founders Erika Klotz and Scott Hanson experienced the same struggle as owners of a talent agency. Fed up with the status quo, their firsthand insight inspired them to create an intuitive platform that would address the challenges of the talent staffing process at every stage of the process and give companies like Natural & Organic Marketing the solution they needed to gather and share data, coordinate hiring and scheduling, and ultimately expand their reach.

While the PopBookings platform has accelerated many of N&OM’s processes, Ed is especially excited about how it has impacted his ability to find and book new talent. “We’re bringing on 250 new brand ambassadors,” he explains, “PopBookings has made the hiring process so much easier for us. Now, the first step in our application process is to post an ad with a link to PopBookings and ask applicants to fill out a profile there.” Then, N&OM can review all the submissions in one place with standardized information, document management, and even photos of each applicant.

Ditch Your Team’s Dependence on E-mail

In addition to improving the hiring process, PopBookings has made a big difference in the way the staff at Natural & Organic Marketing communicates, both internally and externally. Before, Ed says, “there was no transparency. Nobody could go in and see exactly what was going on at any time. Now… we encourage everyone to contact us through PopBookings messenger so we’re able to collectively see what’s going on.”

This increased transparency and access to information means that questions get answered and problems get solved much faster than they did before. “If there’s a question about shipping, it gets answered by someone in shipping,” Ed says. “If there’s a question about pay, HR goes in and answers that. The messaging system has been a really good and unexpected enhancement.” It has helped their team share information, collaborate, and support each other better than ever before.

PopBookings has also impacted their ability to serve clients by consolidating vital data and making it easy to access up-to-the-minute information whenever necessary. “In the past I would need to go through a lot of steps to get the information I would need to relay to the client,” Ed explains. “I would have to spend a lot of time digging through spreadsheets and making sure everything was up to date. Now, I just pop on to PopBookings… and I have everything I need all in one place. It’s definitely allowed me to have more time to spend with the client and make those conversations more meaningful.”

Turn Growing Pains Into Growth Power

Instead of spending their valuable time updating and managing a patchwork of partial solutions, PopBookings’ integrated Event Dashboard and Talent Database gives staffing agencies like Natural & Organic Marketing everything they need to attract, book, and manage ambassadors and event listings. With a comprehensive messaging platform and even a Talent Mobile App for communicating with promoters, PopBookings allows staffing agencies to prioritize their growth and success.

As Ed says, “PopBookings is the only system out there that caters to marketing and staffing agencies and does everything that it needs to.”

Experience The Solution For Yourself

Are you ready to streamline your work day, bring your team together, and improve your relationship with brand ambassadors and clients alike? Contact the PopBookings team and schedule a demo today!