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"Booking local talent is extremely important to us. The process is really smooth. We love how ambassadors show up on time and do quality work."
Eni, Xoowee, Strategic Advisor

Big things are happening in the events space thanks to Xoowee. They are shaking up the status quo by revitalizing the return on investment of promotional events with a unique approach and their proprietary software platform. Xoowee offers event as a service planning for B2B events, including staffing, operational help, design services, media resources, and a data gathering and analytics component that activates events to fill each client’s sales funnel.

The team at PopBookings knows what it’s like to change the game using software, so we jumped at the chance to help Xoowee save time and energy during the staffing process so they can focus on what makes their work special. It’s a match made in heaven, and we recently had an opportunity to chat with Florian “Eni” Veamatahau, Xoowee’s strategic advisor, about how PopBookings has impacted Xoowee’s process and growth. 

Powering Up the Staffing Process

Xoowee sets itself apart from other event planning services through a hyper-focus on their check-in and registration dashboard, paired with software that increases the return on investment for each event. In order to focus on this innovative approach, they needed a solution for the agency side of their business. Every event needs staffers, and with clients and ambassadors scattered across the nation, Xoowee was looking for less stress and more control in their staffing process.


Veamatahau says that before PopBookings, “we were going through a middleman to find ambassadors, which wasn’t always working, often causing us frustration, and occasionally jeopardizing relationships with our clients.” Because events can be unpredictable due to changing numbers of ambassadors, types of ambassadors, and more, the process was wasting a lot of time and effort. Sometimes, Xoowee even turned to TaskRabbit to find and book event staff.


“We wanted a software that gives us control and was centered on the event space,” Veamatahau notes, “PopBookings is exactly what we were looking for.” Through PopBookings centralized event staffing platform, Xoowee can source ambassadors in any location they need, handle booking and instructions, and easily pay them for their work once the event is complete. “Booking local talent is extremely important to us,” and with PopBookings, “the process is really smooth. We love how ambassadors show up on time and do quality work.”

Handling Major Events with Ease

Xoowee’s unique approach is one of the reasons they’ve been contacted to apply their events as a service method to many high profile events. One of Veamatahau’s favorite recent projects was a 2500 person event at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Pier 86 in New York City. The event called for 35 talented local ambassadors, all of which Xoowee was able to find through PopBookings event staffing software.

“It’s great that we can set wages based on the location of the event,” Veamatahau says, “the flexibility in picking profiles and the ability to visually see who we’re hiring has been great for us. PopBookings gives us a lot more time and less stress.

Focusing on Growth & Success

We love hearing how PopBookings saves time for our valued clients. We make the staffing process as quick and painless as possible because we want you to spend your time making your client’s dreams come true. For Xoowee, that extra time means the ability to show the world their innovative approach to planning and pulling off awesome events that result in a full sales funnel.

We can’t wait to see how Xoowee’s success continues to impact the event industry. Knowing that PopBookings is helping them focus on the future is just icing on the cake.

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