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How to do Check-In Photos Better Using PopBookings

“Send me a photo of you on-site when you get there!” Sound familiar?

Getting a photo of your staff when they arrive at their event is a great way to gain clarity and peace of mind that they are arriving on time. However, when you are running a lot of events in a day, it can get a little overwhelming to have that many texts going to your personal phone.

What if you could have them check-in on their phones, but it logs in the same dashboard you manage your bookings? We thought that sounded nice, too. So, we built it for you.

Some other staffing platforms have GPS check-ins, but here is why PopBookings does it better by having them take a photo as part of checking in.


Proof They are Actually There

Knowing your staff arrived on-time is great, but were they ready for were they parking at the time they checked in? Having a GPS check in only lets you know where they checked in, not how prepared they were at that time. Seeing that photo check in helps give insight as to truly punctual a staff member is when they are working a job for you.


Automated Reminders

Do you send reminders to staff? How long does that take you? This is another area that we can help. Our automated reminders help keep everyone on the same page. Once you schedule staff on the system, they will receive a notification to their phone to check in on the app. We also have 24 hour reminders the day before an event. These go out automatically. There is nothing more you need to do on your end. Ahh, automation at it’s finest.


Tracking Multiple Check-Ins

On those days when you have a ton of events running, you can quickly see which ones might need a follow up from your dashboard. If one person is booked, but you have zero check-ins, you can open a chat. Our chats go directly to their mobile phone so you will get an instant reply. If you have an emergency situation on your hands, it’s easy to go into your database to fill the last minute opening.


BONUS: They won’t be able to check in unless they are within range of the event location. We use GPS location on their device to check if they are actually there.


Want to see it for yourself? Request a free demo here.

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