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How to Delight Your Event Staffing Clients Using PopBookings

As an event staffing agency, your job is to help your clients to not worry about anything regarding event staffing. Finding, hiring, communicating, tracking, and paying are all part of the job description. Easier said than done! The best agencies have mastered making this process smooth experience for everyone involved.

Once you have this part down, sometimes you are left with little semblance of a life depending on what your back office processes consist of. If you are like most agencies, you have cobbled together various internet platforms to help get the job done. It’s hard to find a platform that does it all. Luckily, PopBookings is helping with that and more!

Going above and beyond for your clients takes time. Once you have saved time using technology for your business, and back office procedures, you can focus on your clients. Below are some examples of how PopBookings can help you do just that.

Track Your Client Info

First thing is first, you need a database of all of your clients to easily reference. Lots of people use CRMs to track their client info. This is just another platform to cross reference when running your business. With PopBookings, you can easily enter in your client’s information in the same dashboard where you already manage your staff.

Send Packages of Profiles

After you have built a great talent database, it can sometimes be a manual process to extract information to send to your clients for their approval. If you are anything like most agencies, you will create PDFs or PowerPoints of your talent with all of their information. How long does it take you to do that?

With PopBookings, you can create an event and it will auto-populate with staff that apply to work. You can then pick which candidates you want to present to the client. Just click “show” or “hide” to create a package of profiles. The system will generate a link you can send to the client leading to a live web page with your logo and candidates neatly laid out for review.

Your clients will feel like they are part of the process with minimal work on your end.
Make your company look cutting edge by having a beautiful, clean, and interactive web page of profiles.

You can also be proactive with this process. Send a live link via a personal email. No need for them to remember a login each time. They simply click in, see the candidates, press “approve” on the ones they want, and submit it back to you.

Event Reporting

Every promotional marketing event needs to prove ROI to your clients. They best way to do this is with hardcore data points. Asking your event staff questions about how the event went helps prove that the event had an impact for the brand they were representing. Questions like: “How many people did you talk to?” “What were they saying about the brand?” And, “How much product did you sell?” can provide valuable insights for your clients.

Post event reporting can even help you with your internal processes. Add as many report templates as you want to your events. You can even assign different templates for different roles on the event. Want to have an expense report submitted? How about more information on break times and attendance from your on-site event manager? You can do it all!


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