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Don’t Become Tech Support, That’s Our Job

Technology is constantly changing and evolving to make our lives and our work easier. All this innovation is amazing, but sometimes it comes with a bit of a price. Have you ever had to teach a parent or grandparent how to use their shiny new computer? Then you know what we’re talking about!


It can be stressful to incorporate new technology into the workplace, especially for staffing agencies with tons of talent to bring onboard. Luckily for you, PopBookings’ customer support team is ready to ease that transition, providing fast access to the answers you need to make the most of our revolutionary event staffing software.

Tech Adoption Made Easy

Disruptive technology doesn’t have to disrupt your workflow while you implement a new system. Our primary goal is to save you time and give you the ability to focus on your growth and success, and we follow through on that promise by training new agencies to use the PopBookings platform so they feel 100% comfortable and ready to get down to business. We work to ensure that all agency personnel, from CEO’s to staffing coordinators, understand how to achieve the biggest impact our software provides.


PopBookings provides an intuitive, all-in-one solution for the event staffing industry, addressing pain points from the start to the finish of the staffing process. With hands-on guidance in setting up the system, migrating your database, booking talent, managing events, making and tracking payments, and more, our team will give you everything you need to revolutionize the way you work. We designed our platform with ease-of-use at the forefront, so the training process is quick and painless.

No More Questions in Your Inbox

Our commitment to training and advising our clients doesn’t stop at agency staff – we’ll handle any questions from your talent as well. Every agency understands the unbelievable hassle of fielding emails from tons of event staffers seeking answers to every little question under the sun. Our customer support team lifts that burden, providing direct support to your talent roster so there’s no need for you to teach our platform or our talent portal to your staff. We’ve got you covered!


When our friendly, knowledgeable service team receives a support ticket, they respond quickly (within 24 hours at most) and accurately to put any questions to rest with confidence and kindness. Whether it’s a question about features like picture uploads, check-ins on our mobile talent portal, or building a profile, we’ll keep it out of your inbox so you can focus your energy and attention on more important things.

And It’s Free!

Here’s the really crazy part: we don’t charge extra for this comprehensive service. Our customer service team is happy to provide support at no additional cost to you, because we want our clients to experience the highest possible value from our platform. After all, we built it because we know firsthand the hassles that staffing agencies face!


Our commitment to customer service means that no one will ever be left in the dark if any questions or issues arise. Of course, we hope they never do! But we know that adopting new technology often requires guidance and support. With our customer support team at your side, it’s never been easier to take that revolutionary step forward.
Are you ready to experience the benefits of PopBookings’ innovative event staffing software? Contact us today to schedule a free demo!

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