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What Event Staff Really Want [Survey Results]

We polled hundreds of our event staff users to better understand what really drives them to do what they do. We asked a series of questions ranging from what motivates them, what frustrates them, and how they prefer to find jobs. 

We were pleasantly surprised at the results!

Ease of Finding Jobs

Many times event staff are independent contractors or part-time employees who need to fill their schedules with multiple agencies in order to stay busy. This poses a few problems when trying to apply for jobs. It’s harder to find them and even harder to keep up with all of them.

From our survey results, we found that the features of an app like PopBookings or similar apps have it’s benefits. There are plenty of features to be had on these platforms, however, the one that is most important to event staff is being able to manage job listings from one spot. Being able to register with multiple agencies from one login is also a major plus!

Being Around People

Event staff are a social bunch! Being able to work with people and be around people as part of their job description is a major selling point. You won’t see many introverted event staff. When asked what motivates them to work in this industry, flexibility was also key. Being that events are temporary, they like being able to pick when they work. Don’t worry, cash was third. Cash is king after all! 

Work with People They Like and Respect

This one was very interesting! Nothing frustrates event staff more than poor performance of co-workers or managers. With such a temporary gig environment, it’s tough to have a consistent experience for your staff. It’s all about who is available when. Sometimes it’s not the same people working events together every time. Therefore, when people are working with people whom they are unfamiliar with, it is a big guessing game.

When asked what frustrates them working events, poor performance of co-workers beat out potential late cancellations, inconsistent schedule, and even low pay! At the end of the day, working with people who are respectable and good at what they do makes a happy working environment. (Hint, hint, working around people on their cell phones constantly apparently irks other event staff, too!)

Being Properly Prepared

With events, it’s always a different experience than the last job. This means that event staff for most position types (whether it be brand ambassadors or bartenders) have some prep work that needs to happen before the event. When this information is not provided properly, it can be frustrating.

When asked what they expect from agencies who hire them to work events, getting details of the job was the the most important to them. These details include getting descriptions of guests, dress codes, objective, etc. This was 55% more important than getting paid quickly. Good to know event staff like to be prepared, too! 



Keeping everyone happy is not the easiest thing to do, but these survey results are definitely a starting point. Just as much as we want to have our lives be easier in this hectic industry, the same goes for your field staff. Show them a little love by giving them what they want!

Erika K

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