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Finally, managing your event staff has never been easier.


One Workspace

Ever feel like your company data is all over the place? With PopBookings, you can keep everything in one place so everyone is on the same page. Streamlining your staffing business’ processes helps keep you and your team organized. Everyone can reference the same information within the account. Save time with our powerful tools.

Make it Yours

Give your company a cutting-edge look. No two businesses are alike, so our system is flexible. You can adjust your settings and integrate your own branding.

Automate Tasks

When you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, it’s time to automate. Event invites and staff reminders, are all automated!

GPS Check-In

Rest easy at night knowing that your staff arrived onsite on time. Using GPS location services, our app knows exactly when and where your staff are supposed to be working. View and export the check in and out times for easy payroll processing.

Database Management

Work with who you want to work with. Your custom registration portal allows you to easily view talent data such as contact information, photos, internal notes, and much more! Rate your best people so you can find them easily when you are booking events.

Drag-and-Drop Booking

We’ve made it as visual as ever to see when someone can work. Simply click on the person’s profile card to see what their availability is shift-by-shift. (Green means “go!”) We check for scheduling conflicts system-wide. Save ultimate time from comparing multiple spreadsheets and emails to determine someone’s availability.

Go Mobile

GPS check-ins, powerful chat, and calendar management ensures everyone is on the same page to make your event successful.
Available for Apple and Android.



Event Staff App

Feature List

The complete toolkit for event staffing companies of any shape and size.


Access your own database of talent. Only work with who you want to work with. Makes notes, change status, etc.


One-on-one and group messaging allow you to connect with your staff more efficiently than ever before.


Pay staff directly. No more paper checks or hours determining outstanding balances.


Your own custom branded talent portal allows you to get a complete snapshot of who you are booking.


Bye, bye paper time sheets, and hello to knowing your staff has made it to the event onsite and on-time.


Grow your business with iPhone and Android apps for your talent. Book, chat, and check-in with ease.


Is one of your staff amazing? Rate them 5 stars. Did you have a no call/no show? We can track that too.


Change, add, or remove questions with ease for each event. After execution, your staff can easily report back to you on the app.

Get VIP Support

Our dedicated customer support team is at the ready to provide a fast resolution to all of your support issues, big or small. Whether it’s your internal team or your field staff, we’ll lend a hand.

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