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Fully Booked Events: The Road to a Successful Event & a Happy Dashboard

There’s nothing that warms an event staffing professional’s heart more than seeing “Confirmed” next to a booking. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your best people are ready to get to work! Of course, there’s still plenty to do to ensure that every event is a success, but the PopBookings platform makes it easy to track your progress and prioritize your efforts.

Our Event Dashboard makes the process of creating, staffing, and finalizing each event a snap. From start to finish, event statuses automatically update to let you know exactly what you’ve accomplished and what’s left to address. Here’s a rundown of the booking process and the statuses that guide PopBookings users along the way.

How the Booking Process Works

Once you’ve been notified of an upcoming event by a client, it’s time to get to work! The first step is to create the event within PopBookings’ streamlined Event Dashboard. Our event template prompts you to enter all the information you and your event staff will need to have a successful event – including date and time, shift information, payment rates, dress code, and more. Once you’re done, click “Continue to Talent Booking” and you’re on your way!

Event Status: CreatedIt’s time to start the staffing process.

Next, create open shifts for each position you need to fill.

Event Status: “Shifts Created” – It’s time to notify talent.

You can choose to alert your entire Talent Database to the open shifts or curate a specific group of staffers to send invites to by searching by gender, location, or other relevant qualities. Once you’ve decided, click “Send Invites” to automatically notify the selected talent of the opportunity.

Event Status: “Staff Notified” – It’s time to sit back and watch for replies.

Once talent have seen your invite and responded with their interest and availability, your event status will update to alert you. How do you know they have seen it? You will be able to see who has seen it and who has not in your dashboard. 

Event Status: “Staff Available” – It’s time to book that talent.

Once you’ve begun to fill shifts from your database of event staffers, your event status automatically updates. View the candidates for each event to determine who you want to book. 

Event Status: “Partially Booked” – It’s time to complete the booking.

When you’re partially booked, you may want to reach out to additional talent or remind those who’ve made themselves available to confirm their interest. Once you’ve filled every shift, your status will update.

Event Status: “Fully Booked” – It’s time to confirm!

Once you see that an event is fully booked, hit the “Save & Confirm Booking” button and your talent will be automatically notified of the shift that they’re booked for.

Event Status: “Fully Booked (Confirmed)” – It’s time to party!

Okay, maybe it’s not time to party just yet. First, make sure your booked talent have all the information they need to do their best work. Then you can put your attention elsewhere until the event goes live.

Event Status: “Live Event” – It’s time to confirm check-ins.

When the event is underway, you can use the Event Dashboard to confirm that your event staff have arrived and are ready to get to work. Our GPS Check-In feature makes it incredibly easy for talent to let you know they’ve arrived, and super convenient for you to confirm.

Event Status: “Event Completed” – It’s time to finalize payment.

With in-dashboard electronic payments, it’s never been easier to make sure your talent gets what they’ve earned. Once the event is over, send payment along with any feedback about their performance.

Event Status: “Payment Sent” – Okay, now it’s time to party!

Congrats on a successful event. Your work is done (for this event, at least). Use our payment solution or mark it as paid.” Your work is done (for this event, at least).

Need to track anything else?

No problem! Use our color code system to further keep organized. Take internal notes on a per event basis so that your team stays on track on what needs to be done.


PopBookings Makes it Easy

We’re proud of how our event staffing solution makes it simple and streamlined for staffing pros to build your biggest and best talent database, create events, and follow through. As a result, staffing companies can handle more clients, more talent, and more events with more ease than ever before. With automatically updated event statuses, all it takes is a glance to see exactly where you are in the booking process.


Once you’re familiar with PopBookings’ event statuses, you can prioritize your work for the day by seeing which events are “Fully Booked (Confirmed)” and which need more attention. It’s easy to see where your efforts should be focused, and oh-so-satisfying to watch those event statuses update. After all, there’s nothing that makes our Event Dashboard (and you!) happier than a screen full of “Fully Booked (Confirmed)”!

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