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Getting started

Making PopBookings work for your team.

Welcome to PopBookings

PopBookings is software for event staffing agencies. However you manage your staffing business, there are a few simple steps you can take while setting PopBookings up for your agency to help everyone get started as quickly and productively as possible. Hope this guide helps. We’re glad you are here.

Start with a pilot event

Choose a specific week to try PopBookings with a few staff members.

Organize a small group of people you staff often, and instead of sending emails, try using PopBookings. We recommend trying to use PopBookings exclusively for a day or two so your team can realize the benefits.


Keep your starting events small.

Don’t worry about adding a lot of staff before you get started. We recommend you build events and add staff as the need arises. A starter team of 2 or 3 staff will allow you to flow through the entire event creation process.


Communicate in group chat whenever possible. When you do need to have a confidential conversation, message that person direct. By keeping most of your conversations open to all team members, you:

  • Build a database of organizational knowledge with zero effort.
  • Draw your team into PopBookings. (No one wants to miss out on bookings!)
  • Gain visibility into everything happening at your events.


Integrate with as many PopBookings services as you need to get work done.

Utilizing all of the PopBookings services allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your team. You’ll no longer need email, excel, and payment software, and best of all, everything will be searchable and in one place. You can move through the whole staffing process from pre, during, and post event staffing.


Encourage your team to download our apps.

Using our apps is a much better experience all around, so we recommend you and your team do so.


Once your pilot event is running smoothly, it’s time to think ahead for how to set up the rest of your organization for success.

Set up account preferences

Choosing the right preferences helps everyone you staff get the best possible experience.

Talent signup portal – Setting up your talent portal makes PopBookings seamless for your staff. Your portal is the front line for you to hire the best possible person for an event, and ultimately, grow your staffing business.


The 4 steps to setting up your portal are:

  • Uploading your awesome logo. This is a visual way for talent to identify with your agency and build report.
  • Picking your welcome text. Something friendly and inviting will do!
  • Intro for your application. Let staff know the most important things to you as an agency.
  • Set a url. We recommend your agency name, but it is up to you what you put here.

Start booking!

Create a new event.

Naming your event really depends on the most common format of your events. If you have multiple events in the same city, you might want to name the event by the city name and then your client’s name to keep things organized.


  • Kansas City – Bacardi Rum Tasting
  • Kansas City – Nascar Product Sampling
  • Kansas City – Aquafina Street Team


If you have the same event in multiple cities, organizing by the event name might be the better way to go.


  • Bacardi Rum Tasting – Kansas City
  • Bacardi Rum Tasting – Chicago
  • Bacardi Rum Tasting – Austin


You can name your events however you like, the important thing is to focus on organization.

Adding and editing shifts

Click the add shift button to create a new shift within your event. Set the number of people, the times, position you are staffing, and which venue this shift is located at. You can add as many shifts as you need per event.

To edit a shift, just click on the grey box with all of the shift information and it will change to edit mode.

NOTE: Once talent has been booked for a shift, the shift is locked and no longer editable. You will need to unbook the talent before you will be able to change details about the shift.

Inviting staff to an event

Continuing on to the talent booking page will display your talent database so you can select who you want to work for an event. The people listed here are automatically sorted by 50 miles of the event location. You can refine the results by using the search and more filters tools.

Clicking on a staff member’s picture will display more information about that person like: pictures, attributes, and experience. You can also see past events you have booked the staff member for, or access your private notes.

Once you have selected who you want to work the event, press “send invites” and a push notification will be sent to the staff member’s PopBookings app. From here the staff can select “Yes, I’m interested” or “I’m not available”, and their status will be updated on your bookings page.

PRO TIP: Sending a message through the chat to individual staff will give your invite a personal touch, and result in much higher engagement from your staff!

Watch the bookings roll in

From here, sit back, because everything is automated. People will be filtered into the booked, interested, viewed, invite sent, and not available tabs based on how they respond to the notification. When they have selected “Yes, I’m interested” the app will prompt them to pick the shifts they are available to work. When you go to book them, the shifts they are available for will show in green. If you have booked them for an overlapping shift, or they have marked unavailable, they will show in red.

Behold the power of save and confirm bookings!

After you have placed staff in the shifts you want to book them for, and you are certain you are happy with your decision, click “save and confirm bookings”. This sends out all proper notifications. Did you unbook someone and book someone else in their place? Then 1 booking and 1 unbooking notification will go out. 

Make a whole bunch of changes to the schedule? Then a whole bunch of notifications will go out with a click of a button. Ahh, simplicity.

Let your clients select or approve staff

If you have clients that like to be a part of the process on who you book, check out the client packaging feature under the packaging tab on the bookings page.

Show or hide which staff profiles you would like your client to see and click generate link. A temporary URL will be added to your clipboard that you can paste into an email or your browser.

Your client will be able to click through profiles and approve or decline the staff of their choice. These selections will show on your drag-and-drop booking page.

PRO TIP: Don’t allow your clients to pick their own staff? Great! This tool can be used internally to allow members of your team help in the selection process.

Managing live events

Geo check-ins

We decided that paper timesheets are about as dated as it gets in this technologically progressive age we live in. So, we built geo check-ins. And they feel like the future. They work for you in 3 ways:

  1. They are geo-coded to your event, meaning your staff has to be within a set radius of the event to check in.
  2. The staff member is prompted to take a selfie at the event. This ensures that the person you booked is who actually showed up. (Plus, it is great marketing to send to your client.)
  3. The time they check in, to the time they check out, creates a digital timesheet.


Three automated notifications go out when it comes to event day. A reminder notification goes out 24 hours before the day of the event to keep it top of mind. The next notification sends 10 minutes before the start of an event to remind the staff to check in. The final notification sends 10 minutes before the event ends to remind them to check out.

When a staff member has checked-in to an event, a green check mark will appear next to their icon.

Paying your staff

Final payments

The final stage of a successful event is paying your staff and rating their performance. This all happens on the Final payments page in your event. From here you can see the details of what times, rates, and what is owed to each staff member.

Clicking on the pay now button will take you to the payments slideout. Rate your talent, make some internal notes about their performance, and make adjustments on what you owe from this view.

To pay, just enter your PIN and click Submit Rating & Payment and you are finished. It is that simple. PopBookings provides bank-to-bank transferring. We also handle all of the notifications to your staff to let them know they are getting paid.

Rating your staff after an event is a really important step to keep track of their performance for future bookings.