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Making PopBookings work for your team.

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Imagine all of your events in one place, available wherever you go. That’s PopBookings. Once your agency has set up a portal for you, you can connect with them here using your email address: [type your agency name]

We also recommend you download our apps for iOS and Android at

Your Profile: Where the Magic Happens

Most interactions with your agency happen from your profile. We have built them so that you can show yourself off in the best light possible. Think of it as your digital resume. See your events, check the job board, message your agency, and get paid all right here. To start working with an agency, we recommend filling out your profile completely or at least to 90%. Agencies are looking for active staff, and here is your chance to show you are one of them!

You only have to do this once!

After you have completed your profile on the PopBookings system, each future agency you connect with will be able to access the same profile. No need to ever fill out another form again!


Building a strong profile.

Agencies are looking for the best staff to work their events. Your profile is set up so that it displays exactly what the agency is looking for when they book events. What you see in the layout is what they see, so work to make it look nice! Empty sections, and low quality pictures don’t go far to show how awesome you are!


Uploading documents.

Many agencies ask for additional info that is not a part of your profile like a W-9 or liquor license. The upload section can be found on the “documents” tab on the left side of your profile. Just click the “add” button under each document. For security reasons, you have to upload documents in a JPG or PDF format.

Note: If you are trying to upload a resume that is a word document, open the document in Word and click “save as” a PDF.

Getting Booked

Let’s face it, the reason you are here is to get some work! The best place to start is the Job Board tab on your profile. Agencies post upcoming jobs here that are open for applications. Make sure to check which city the job is in before you apply to work.

Under Events, you’ll find all of the jobs your agency has specifically invited you to. The agency has looked at your profile and determined that you will be the best fit for this particular job, so look at each event to determine your availability.


If you are signing up for the first time, this section might feel a little empty. Don’t worry. The bookings will come! When an agency determines you might be a good fit, a text message will come to your phone, or a push notification will come to the app.

Messaging Your Agency

Once you have downloaded the app, you can start messaging your agency. This is a great way to get noticed, and start building a relationship with your agency.


There are two forms of chat you will use with the app:

  • Direct messaging. This is for more confidential conversation or asking the agency about information directly relevant to you. You can message your agency direct by going to the “mesages” tab on the PopBookings app and click on the agency icon.
  • Group chat. This is for conversations with your fellow staff at the event, or to get information from the agency relevant to the group. IMPORTANT: Remember to use your powers of group chat wisely. Nobody likes spam. If it a message that is only relevant to you, use a direct message to your agency.

PRO TIP: Sending a friendly opening message to your agent, or letting them know your availability is a nice way to break the ice.

Checking In to an Event

We have thrown away the paper timesheets! 💁 #byefelicia

Now, instead of filling out paperwork to have your team lead sign at an event, you can use geo check-ins. These take a digital snapshot of your location and time you got to the event to send to your agency. After the event is over, click the check-out button, and you are all set.

NOTE: You will not be able to check in until your event starts, and you are within the radius of the event.