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How This GPS Check-in Feature is Revolutionizing Event Staffing

Staffing events can be a labor intensive process. Many times event staffing agencies will staff events all across a region or nationally. This poses a big fat question: “How can you remotely manage people across different geographical locations?”

The answer?  Many agencies have done this for years somehow, some way, but the dirty secret is that it is difficult to truly know if the person shows up or not to your client’s events. And if you have a check-in process that works, it isn’t the most efficient way.

Our GPS check ins are now better than ever! Your staff is notified automatically to check in the PopBookings mobile app. It tracks when and where they are checking in. If they are not in range of the event, the app will not let them check in. It knows exactly when and where they are supposed to be working. We understand the industry and know being near the event location isn’t always enough, so we have taken things a step further.


Check-In Photos

Often times set up can take 10-20 minutes to get done, and the actual activation doesn’t start until your staff is engaging with consumers. Being at the right place and at the right time isn’t always enough. Sometimes staff will be right next to the event, not setup to start work right when you scheduled them.

The PopBookings mobile app (on both Apple and Android) not only requires your staff to be within a mile radius of the event location you booked them for, but also has them take a photo. These photos tell you if they were in their car in the parking lot or actually on location ready-to-go at the start time. Those check-in photos show up in your dashboard. Click the thumbnail to pull up the full size version of the photos to view and/or download.

Resived Check in Photo

Pro Tip: Instruct your staffers to take a really good picture with their setup for their check-in so you can use the photos for marketing purposes!


Seeing when you scheduled your staff is great, but tracking the exact hours they checked in to the event can be a heavy manual process. Often, staffing coordinators will cross reference text messages or emails with timestamps and log them on a spreadsheet. Sometimes using a check-in mobile app is great, but it doesn’t talk to your master scheduling software. This stop-gap in the check-in process can eat up tons of time. (Especially if you are running multiple events!)

Check-in timestamps screenshot


In your PopBookings dashboard, you can see what time they checked in and out, and it also accounts for timezones. If they checked in to their event in one timezone, you won’t have to mentally convert that check-in and out time when tracking hours.


See It All in One Dashboard

The best part of using a full suite software for your staffing coordination is that you can access everything in one place. By taking out the redundancies of tracking hours manually or cross referencing from a separate system, you can see your staff schedules, check in times, and payroll information in one dashboard. (It doesn’t hurt to have that dashboard look good, too.) PopBookings helps manage all of your staffing information and makes it easily accessible for everyone in your agency.


If you aren’t already using our GPS check-in feature, this is the best time to start! Schedule a free demo today to see it in action!

Erika K

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