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Why Hiring More as You Grow is Not As Smart as it Feels

I’m talking to you, agency owners. You get more clients. Business is going great. You have developed a system and it works. It’s not perfect, but you spent a lot of time and energy building processes. Now you get more clients and you’re at max capacity. This is a problem.

Some companies have a solution for the problem: hire more people. Hiring people is a blast, don’t get me wrong. When you first start a business, it’s all you. To get help is so liberating. However, this can become a bad habit. Throwing humans at a problem can become very expensive.

As business owners, we are pioneers of getting creative with processes. It’s our job. It’s how we are wired. It may seem like a daunting task to re-think processes that you’ve invested so much into, but sometimes, it’s necessary. As the business grows, little inefficiencies turn into big efficiencies very quickly. A small problem when you first start will show its colors over time. Finding the route of the problem is key.

So, what do I recommend? I’m not saying fire your employees. That would be harsh. If your processes allowed you to hit max capacity, it won’t take long for your employees to be maximum capacity as you grow with the same processes. The best potion for scalability is automation.

Anytime you can automate a process, you are saving valuable time and money for your company. We live in the day and age that technology is everywhere and getting more fantastic every day. This is good news to us business owners because we can do more with less. This trickles down to our employees’ day-to-day. How do we make their lives easier and more efficient as well?

It’s no secret that the PopBookings platform introduces automation for event staffing agencies. Let’s face it, our industry has a unique needs. Event staffing has a lot of moving parts. We understand that at PopBookings. See it for yourself with a free demo here.

There are other tools that can introduce automation to your business. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Google G Suite for Email
We all need an email client. With business emails, the free email tools provided when you buy your URL are not the most user-friendly look and feel. Did you know that you can connect your business email address to Gmail’s email interface? For an additional small charge per email, you can connect your business emails to Google G Suite. As you add more email logins, you pay per email each month.

Slack is a messaging platform for organizations. Do you ever get tired of texting and emailing for business? Wish there was a way to separate your personal cell phone from business messages? There is. Slack is free up to 12 users.  It’s also a great way to connect your business apps and receive alerts about account activity. Then you and your team can chat about that activity within the stream.  (PopBookings integrates with Slack! I couldn’t resist the shameless plug.)

HubSpot’s Free CRM Tools
Getting new clients requires follow up. Hubspot is a great way to automate your sales and marketing efforts. They have If you haven’t started using their free CRM and Gmail tools, why not? It’s free.

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