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How Refreshing Your Database is the Best Decision Yet

Many of our customers ask us how they can get their database onto our system. They always want full pictures, contact information, etc. My first recommendation every time is to start from scratch.

Seems counter intuitive, right? Your database is the core of your business. Why would you want to start from scratch?

Well, your data might be old.

Things change and your list of 1,000+ people is hard to keep up with.
With our system, sending out your talent portal link for them to start from scratch forces them to give you the most up-to-date and relevant information. New address? New hair color? You will want to know all of that.

Beyond the initial refresh, we have automated database curation efforts to help engage your database and ensure that they are keeping their profiles up-to-date.

Want to see for yourself how we can help you manage your database easier? Schedule a free demo here!

Erika K

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