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How Talent Working for Multiple Agencies Benefits Your Agency

It’s no secret that your talent is registered to work with multiple agencies. In this industry, the full-time brand ambassadors are always looking for work. It’s important for them to keep up with all their agencies.

This may seem like bad news for your agency, but it’s not.

Brand ambassadors who have worked with multiple agencies have seen it all. They will follow directions really well and know exactly how to act in the field. These brand ambassadors are who you want to book most often.

This gives you the opportunity to stand out from other agencies. When you go to book someone, if you make it as easy and seamless for them to get more work, you will be their superhero!

Some agencies have their own custom portals. The first thing a brand ambassador thinks when they see you have your own portal is: “Great, another profile I have to keep up.”

When a brand ambassador has 20 different profiles across 20 different agencies, they start to choose who they want to give their attention. “Well, Agency A usually has more work than that Agency B, so I will log into Agency A’s system more.” When you staff nationally, you won’t want to be Agency B and have BA’s in your database with that mindset when it comes down to booking in that area.

But how would you avoid being Agency B?

Make it simple

Our system is different. When a profile is created with one agency on PopBookings, if the talent works with another agency who starts using PopBookings to manage their business, that one profile is then linked across those two agencies. They can sign in to view their interactions with those two agencies with one login.

NOTE: You still only work with your own database on PopBookings. There is no master search for agencies on PopBookings.

Streamline your processes

Most agencies set up an obstacle course for new talent to work for them. Automating your administrative processes allows you to be more personal with the booking process. Other agencies get so bogged down with administrative tasks that they are left with little time to communicate effectively with their talent. 

With PopBookings, we have made that administrative mess non-existent.

Go Mobile

Ever had the thought “We need to have a mobile app?” Trust me, you are not alone. If you have gotten serious enough about it to get quotes from developers, you know how expensive this gets.

If you thought talent’s hesitations to create a new profile were bad, wait until you ask them to download a mobile app. By creating your own custom mobile app for your agency, you will be faced with the competition for storage space on their mobile phone. They only have so much space on their phones.

PopBookings is the only multi-agency mobile app. Being registered with 2-3 of the agencies on PopBookings allows your talent to have one mobile app instead of 2-3 mobile apps.

Your talent is on-the-go. A mobile app offers them an experience better than any web platform could. Being able to reach your talent with instant message or a booking invite, is invaluable. We have made it easier and affordable than ever to take advantage of a beautiful mobile platform as part of our event staffing software.

Ready to get started?

Vet, book, communicate, and pay your talent from one easy dashboard. Want to see for yourself how we can help you streamline your processes? Request a free demo.

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