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How To Market Your Events to Entice The Best Talent

With PopBookings’ help, you’re building your biggest and best event staffing database ever! You’ve streamlined your processes to make work easier for your agency staff, your talent, and your clients with an innovative assist from our all-in-one event staffing platform. Now what’s next?

Our events dashboard makes it simpler than ever to list upcoming events and schedule top-tier talent for your clients. There’s always room for growth, so we want to share a few helpful tips for using PopBookings to market your events to talent to ensure that you’re grabbing their attention and always booking the very best. These PopBookings features can help you up your game when marketing events to talent:

Tips & Tricks for Building a Compelling Event Listing

It Starts With the Name!

The first thing your talent roster sees when they log in to their PopBookings Mobile App to search for staffing opportunities is the name of the upcoming event. It may be tempting to keep things cut-and-dry, but remember – you’re marketing to your talent, too!

Event staffers enjoy the flexibility and the challenge of working for different companies and brands, and they’re looking for unique and interesting experiences to sign on to. Showcase the opportunities you’re providing for them by spicing up the event name to reveal what’s special about this particular event. Here are a few examples:


  • Is the event being held in a beautiful location? Beachside Brand Representatives Needed!
  • Is it a chance to introduce something new? Help Launch an Exciting New Brand!


You don’t have to use exclamation points, but what can we say? We’re easily excited! Your talent already appreciates all of the opportunities you provide, and they’ll be even more enthusiastic when you choose event names that pique their interest and give them something to look forward to.


Don’t Overwhelm With Too Much Information

Be clear and concise with your event descriptions. Many agencies tend to write novels when marketing their events to clients, often including items they need after someone is booked. What to wear, for example, or a reminder to fill out their W9. Stating too much information upfront might scare away people from applying by making the opportunity sound more like a hassle.


Instead, use our “Event Instructions” field to put in the specifics that booked talent will need later. Include things like dress code, mixing instructions, or product instructions in this field instead of the event description. That way you can attract talent without overwhelming them.


These instructions send automatically once you book someone through the dashboard, so you know your booked talent will have all the information they need. In the “old days,” agencies had to manually email those details out to each person who was booked. With PopBookings, it only takes one click and you can book talent and send the necessary details. By including that information in the “Event Instructions,” you can be sure that those details won’t get missed and also avoid overwhelming potential applicants!

Profile Tags Help Refine & Entice

Another PopBookings feature that our clients love (check out more exciting features here!) is the ability to use profile tags to filter their talent database better. We’ve provided profile tags that you can use to get the attention of your best people. For example, tag a high-profile event as “A Team” so that your top-tier talent knows it’s a great opportunity (and sees that you value their experience and work ethic!). Or, tag the event by client to ensure that you are targeting the event staff with the most relevant experience.

Using profile tags not only makes it easier for you to target your search and book the best people for the job, it also helps attract the attention of your targeted talent. When you curate the opportunities that you offer event staff, you help them develop their strengths and their experience. When you send them more relevant job opportunities based on their unique skills and interests, they learn to pay close attention and jump on the bookings that come their way.

PopBookings Makes It Easy!

These are just a few of the many ways that PopBookings makes it easy for agencies to market events to their talent and ensure fully booked events. If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities that PopBookings provides, reach out to us today or request a demo!

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