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How to Write the BEST Job Description to Attract Top Brand Ambassadors

Writing a clear, concise job description can help attract the right talent for your gig.

At PopBookings, we have created a checklist to ensure you have included all aspects of your job requirements so that you have the easiest time attracting the BEST brand ambassadors. See below:

  1. Short Description of the Job 
    This should outline what position(s) you are looking to hire. This should be short and sweet with a maximum of 2 sentences or less.
  2. A Brief Intro on Your Company
    Tell the workers a little bit about your company. The best written company bio should have a bit of personality to it while still being professional. A little bit of culture goes a long way! Brand ambassadors look at hundred of job postings every month. This can help you stand out and make yourself memorable with them so that the next time you are staffing in their area, they will pay attention to your job opportunities over all else. 
  3. Job Description
    This is where you go into further details about what they would be doing at the event (lead generation, getting signups, passing out free samples, making sales, etc.) What kind of event is it? What kind of product or service would they be representing? Use attractive adjectives to describe the brand they would be representing (fun, exciting, innovative, etc.)  If you have any expectations around performance, be sure to include that. 
  4. Dates and Hours
    Be sure to clearly list when you need them to work. If this is not for a specific event with set times and dates, be sure to list that the hours are flexible. For example, if you need someone to do a tasting event in stores for a set amount of hours, be sure to say that they can set their hours within operating hours of the store location. 
  5. Location
    Include the location of the job. This helps the gig worker know where they will need to go for the job. Location can be a deciding factor of wanting to apply to a job. The best brand ambassadors like to know this before applying since drive time can add up. Leaving the location too vague can deter the top talent from applying to your job. Or when they do apply and you disclose the location, you risk them dropping out  later in the application process if they feel it is too far or their preference. So it’s best to disclose upfront to save yourself the potential waste of effort. 
  6. Job Requirements
    Include a list of required skills or equipment to get the job done. Be specific and thorough with this section. BONUS
  7. Ideal Candidate
    Create a separate list for what the ideal candidate might look like. These should be “nice-to-have’s” but not required to get the job done. 
  8. Pay Rate
    Be specific on how much the job pays. You can put an hourly rate or a flat rate for the job/event. Sometimes people prefer to know that there is an overall flat rate for the job rather than hourly since hours can vary. Include WHEN they will get paid. This will help them know when to expect pay (weekly, bi-weekly, etc) Also include HOW they get paid (Zelle, ADP, Check, etc)
  9. How to Apply
    A clear call-to-action helps the applicant know how they can submit their bid to work. If you don’t have a job portal with a link to apply like PopBookings, provide an email address to send in an application. If you’re call-to-action is to send an email, give instruction on what to include in the emails (do you want specific subject? What kind of attachments?)
  10. OPTIONAL: Job Perks
    If the job comes with other perks, you want to make sure to include those in your job post. This can really help your  Examples are per diem pay, mileage/expense reimbursement, free product, commissions or bonuses, free lunch etc. 

Following the above guidelines will be sure to attract the BEST brand ambassadors. 



We made a booklet of job description templates for various roles. These are pre-written job descriptions you can use to post your gigs online. We cover the following types of roles:

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Promotional Model
  • Street Team 
  • Flyering Gig
  • Trade Show Booth Staff
  • In-Store Tasting / Sampling
  • Greeter
  • Event Setup / Break Down
  • Registration Staff
  • Photo Booth Attendant
  • And More!

You can copy and paste and change as needed. This is sure to be a major time saver. You can download this job description template booklet for free below:

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