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How You’re Making it Hard for New Talent to Apply

Talent is the lifeblood of your business. You need both experienced promoters and fresh faces to keep clients happy and build your business into the future. So why do you make it so hard for new talent to apply to work for you?

Some agencies pride themselves on their exclusivity – and that’s not always a bad thing! However, attracting elite talent is one thing, and setting the bar for entry too high is another. If you can’t source a variety of applicants, how will you build a talent roster that meets your client’s needs?

If you’re struggling to bring on new talent or find that your pool of promoters is stagnating, check out these tips for attracting the best and brightest to your agency:

Make It Easy to Find Your Application

Hiding your application process so deep in your website that potential applicants have to dig for it is a sure way to lose their interest. Good recruiting processes start with a clear link on your homepage inviting talent to “Join the Team.”

This easy accessibility works in your favor by bringing a wide variety of applicants to your doorway. Once you have several potential recruits to choose from you can more effectively screen them for the necessary qualities and decide who to pursue further.

Don’t Ask for Too Much Up Front

If you have ever typed anything like this, you’re guilty:

“To apply, send your resume to [email protected] AND [email protected], include CITY NAME and YOUR NAME (in that exact order) in the subject line. Also attach 4 recent professional photos (.jpeg only) and a list of ALL cities you have interest in working.”

Complex instructions and detailed requirements make it tempting for a good candidate to fall short or give up. And in the time you put into writing those instructions, you could have made several phone calls to potential recruits! Meanwhile, that good candidate got booked by another agency who made it easier to reach out.

While an intimidating application process might project an image that you are exclusive and elite, it’s going to backfire when it comes to actually building your talent roster.

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

If you’re looking to beef up your books, there’s no easier way to spread the word than engaging on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn can be great places to reach exciting talent and encourage new applications. I don’t mean searching Facebook for pretty faces and sending targeted invitations, but put your message out there and they will come to you!

Post a “Casting Call” to each of your social media platforms, including a link to your application (and a photo to grab their attention!). Be specific about what you’re looking for, but use positive language (“seeking attractive and high-energy individuals”) instead of negative (“not looking for…”). Above all, highlight your enthusiasm for fresh faces and you’ll get a response that matches.

Show Prospective Talent That You Care

You don’t need to baby your prospective employees, but it doesn’t serve you well to treat them like they’re disposable, either. Creating an engaged, experienced, and enthusiastic team of promoters takes a bit of time and effort, but pays off big time when clients are wowed by the talent you have to offer.

When an applicant browses your website, do they see testimonials from happy promoters who love their work? Do they feel welcomed into your world, or intimidated and unsure of their worth? Don’t forget: You have two customers – your staffers and your clients. You need to provide positive experiences for both!

Event Staffing Made Simple

The PopBookings platform makes it easy to keep track of your roster of promoters, with talent profiles that source information from the models themselves and give you the opportunity to keep private notes about each worker. When your recruiting efforts succeed and you have tons of fresh faces to choose from, you’ll be thrilled with how simple it is to put new recruits to work.
Contact us today to schedule a demo and find out how we make event staffing simple for agencies like yours!

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