Meet and Greet Events 2023 - PopBookings -


The goal of these events is to educate staff users about the app to further their skills while allowing agencies to recruit new, fresh faces of industry professionals. 

In this industry it can be a rare opportunity to meet and interview potential brand ambassadors face-to-face. We create events specifically for that. Our events bring in 50-200 brand ambassadors per event. It just depends on which market we are in whether it’s a major market or a mid-tier market. PopBookings is known to have a national reach and have helped many companies find talent in hard-to-book areas with our Recruitment tool.

As we plan our 2023 event calendar, we are asking agencies where they want us to prioritize these events. If you are interested in these events, please select the top 5 markets you would like to see us host a recruitment event this year.

Leave us your name and email below so we can contact you about the events.