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The New PopBookings: Event Staffing Industry Problem Solvers

We don’t like to talk about ourselves very often, but with all of the changes happening at our company, we feel it’s time to check in. During the 5 years, we’ve been in business, we have come so far. We’ve built a ton of helpful software, created one heck of a vibrant community, and still continue to grow every day. Our valued users are not only the reason we have a business but the driving force behind our continually improving service and product offerings.

PopBookings started as a software platform but has grown to be much more than that. We recently expanded from a 1 product company to now having 2 wonderful products serving our clients and their staff. Today, we look back on the journey we took to get here.

Manage: Why & How We Began

We started this business with a mission: to solve major problems in the event staffing industry. The first problem we wanted to solve was efficiency. Before PopBookings, both agencies and brand ambassadors struggled to streamline their jobs or careers. For agencies, using a patchwork of systems to do their job led to wasted time and effort. Complicated email blasts, customized spreadsheets, and manually-constructed lookbooks were the norm. For brand ambassadors, registering with multiple agencies meant they put in a lot of extra effort making multiple profiles to check various job boards to get consistent work. In short, the industry was all over the place!

With PopBookings Manage, we allow agencies to streamline the booking process from start to finish. We have tools built around efficiencies from recruitment to scheduling and payment, not to mention a ton of other fabulous features. Before, this efficiency was only accessible to larger agencies who had the resources to build their own proprietary software. We wanted to offer a turn-key solution that was accessible to any size of the agency. Inclusion is a vital part of our mission – that’s why our pricing allows startup agencies and growing enterprises to scale with the platform.

The “Manage” tool also allows talent to build just one profile and submit it to the multiple agencies they want to register with. Some have just a few, but others have grown their agency list to 30-50 agencies! Having one profile for multiple agencies gives brand ambassadors an easy, centralized way to check their job board and apply for gigs.

Recruit: Our New Adventure

Another big problem facing our industry is the lack of access. Both agencies and talent are affected by this. Agencies too often lack access to new talent. Many operate within their own database, but when there are holes, they are forced to turn to Facebook or other sites to recruit. For brand ambassadors, it’s lack of access to new opportunities. They face a constant battle of prioritizing which platform to check for jobs, which limits their potential opportunities.

To address this industry need, the team at PopBookings dreamed up PopBookings Recruit. This new recruitment tool allows unprecedented access for everyone involved. For agencies, Recruit enables them to post jobs to an out-of-network audience of potential candidates with the click of a button. For brand ambassadors actively looking for new work, Recruit provides the ability to view jobs with companies that they haven’t directly connected to yet. Before, a direct agency connection was required, but this change allows more visibility into certain jobs posted to Recruit.

Since PopBookings started, we have had people come directly to us to inquire about how to get more work. Before Recruit, we had no good answer since it was still a semi-closed and siloed system. We decided to fix this lack of opportunity because access to willing talent is something we want to provide to our agency clients.

But how do we do that without our platform being total “open season”? Our users want access to a wide and diverse group of experienced, talented event staff in locations across the country. With Recruit, we provide them options without defaulting to a global pool of people.

The New PopBookings

Although we are a technology company that strives to innovate, we don’t claim to be doing anything brand new. We know that by bringing together an already existing ecosystem through a suite of powerful tools, we create efficiencies for all. Centralizing management, recruiting, and communication abilities  brings new opportunity for everyone. For talent, more jobs. For agencies, more business. As our platform grows, so does the visibility of everyone on it.

Are you ready to see for yourself how we can help you succeed in the ever-changing event staffing industry? Schedule a demo now!

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