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How PopBookings Gets Your Jobs the MOST Visibility

At PopBookings, we have made it our job to get our clients the MOST visibility on their jobs. We want our clients to focus on executing the best events to grow their businesses and let us sweat the small stuff. One such key performance metric we keep a close eye on is response rates.

We all have our own talent rosters. We market our jobs to them. Sometimes this is an email blast or other mass job inviting mechanisms. The call-to-action is to submit applications with their availability and interest in the job.

If you aren’t getting a quick and effective response rate from your talent roster, you will be working harder to fill shifts. Whether that’s sending multiple notifications, using other platforms to post the same job, it takes minutes and sometimes hours of your time out of your day to do so.

The average click through rate for call-to-actions is 4.23% across all industries. On the PopBookings system, our clients see an impressive 15.5% response rate on their jobs.

PopBookings response rate to job invites is 268% better than the industry average. 

On PopBookings, you can mass market your jobs to the people you want to see it. The reason our response rate is so high on our system is the fact that we have multiple channels in which the invites get sent. With a click of a button, the system sends your job in 3 ways: emails, SMS text messages, and push notifications to the app.

We take this one step further to increase effectiveness. Your talent have their own settings on their account where they can customize how they prefer to get these notifications. Some people want one type, others want all three! (We default to 2 types when they sign up, but they can change it later if they choose.) Making it their choice ensures they have the best experience on the app and better response rates.

If you find yourself constantly trying to monitor system KPI’s internally, you might consider handing that over to a third party. We have made it our job to ensure these KPIs are working for you. Give us a try for free here or talk to a representative on how we can improve your efficiency within your staffing operations.

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