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Now Introducing: PopBookings Recruit, a Better, Faster Way to Staff

This past September, the PopBookings team launched Recruit, a new marketplace for talent that makes it easier than ever before to find qualified brand ambassadors, event staff, street teams, and more. That’s right – the same people who built the event staffing solution that has taken the industry by storm have grown their platform to enable anyone to locate, book, and pay the talent they need, when they need them. It’s the A-to-Z staffing marketplace that you’ve been waiting for!

Here’s what Recruit means for you:

Easy Access to the Staff You Need

Whether you’re preparing for a trade show, a corporate event, a product demo or promotion, or any other event that requires a few extra hands, Recruit provides a direct portal to talented event staff in your area. All you have to do is post a job listing (for free!) on the Recruit marketplace including the skills or experience you’re looking for, and you’ll quickly hear back from local talent who are available, interested, and passionate about their work. You can choose the staff you want to represent your brand and book them with the click of a button. Once the event is over, Recruit handles the payment process and allows you to review the talent you’ve worked with for future reference.

Did we mention that PopBookings Recruit has the largest community of event workers in the industry? We’ve built relationships with hundreds of thousands of qualified staffers so you can focus on your event, not your staff.

Show the Best Side of Your Brand

Recruit isn’t just your ticket into the largest community of event workers ever assembled, we’ve also made it easy to find the best and brightest talent who fit the unique needs of your brand and your event. Our rating and review system spans hundreds of staffing agencies and past employers, so you have access to all the information you need to choose the staffers who will make your event truly shine. Once you’ve created a listing, the local talent who are available and interested are filtered based on past performance, so the first faces you see are likely to be a great match.

From outgoing street teams to experienced bartenders, product demo specialists to personable (and gorgeous) models, the Recruit marketplace is full of event staffers with the ability to bring out the best side of your brand.

A Comprehensive Staffing Solution

Once you’ve found and booked the top talent for your event or promotion, you can rest easy knowing that Recruit has you covered along every step of the process. The Recruit marketplace includes all of our innovative features, including GPS Check-Ins so you know when talent arrive for their bookings and that they’re ready to do a great job. You’ll also have access to direct or group messaging with your booked talent, which is a great way to send updates, additional information, and keep everyone on the same page (without clogging your email inbox!).

Even better, Recruit handles event staffer’s payment on your behalf, so you don’t need to scramble for addresses, routing numbers, or tax documents or worry about whether a check has been received. Our comprehensive staffing solution means that both employers and staff feel taken care of and can build a positive working relationship.

What Are You Waiting For?

Book talent for your next event through Recruit for access to an enormous pool of qualified talent, the ability to select for your unique needs, and a suite of features that make coordinating event staff a snap from top to bottom! Since its launch in September, Recruit has made it easy for companies to find, book, and pay event staff without the hassle, including a client who recently used the Recruit marketplace to source over 280 staffers for a little event called the Super Bowl.
The next time you need event staff, take advantage of our FREE TRIAL OFFER and find out how easy it can be when you use Recruit!

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