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Why PopBookings is Throwing Parties and How You can get Invited!

We are more than just a software company. We are a community of users working toward a common goal. With that in mind, at PopBookings we felt like we needed to give back to our users in some sort of way.

Being a platform that connects people digitally, we felt like we wanted to bring a more “human” element to our community. We came up with the idea to host a series of events where our users could connect in person! That’s where the Meet & Greet idea came from.

The goal of these events is to not only connect our users but educate them as well. At these events, attendees can learn about the latest news about PopBookings before anyone else. We also host a session where they can learn more about the app and how best to present themselves online.

For brand ambassadors and event workers, this event gives them other perks as well. Attendees of these events can get free headshots while at the event. As a platform that showcases people’s capabilities, having a professionally done headshot on your PopBookings profile is the best way to make your profile stand out. They will also have the opportunity to meet with potential agencies to hire them for jobs on the platform. Shaking the person’s hand and giving a great first impression allows them to stand out from their peers for being selected for the jobs.

For our agency clients, these events allow them to put their name out there to a greater community of potential talent. Strengthening their database in PopBookings to better serve their clients gives them a competitive advantage over their competition. Each agency in attendance gets the list of event workers who came to the event in order to have a go-to list of people in that market. Seeing how someone presents themselves in person is invaluable, especially when most of our clients are hiring remotely.

These Meet & Greet events are exclusive to PopBookings users as a way to give value beyond software.

See some photos from our events!

To stay up-to-date on when the next meet & greet event will be, sign up with PopBookings today!


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