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How to Support Local Businesses During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Local businesses need our support more than ever during the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve created a way for you to help your favorite local businesses so they don’t have to close their doors.



The Local Voucher Program

While the government is offering some financial assistance to some small businesses, not every business will be eligible. Many businesses don’t have the cash flow to weather this storm. This will lead to cutting of hours, laying off staff, or simply closing their doors.

To help avoid this, we have created a voucher system to give you a way to help your favorite local businesses and be able to help them during the crisis, not after it’s too late.

How it Helps

Businesses need cash flow to continue operating. Local businesses don’t want you to leave your house unnecessarily, but this means it hurts their wallets significantly. When you purchase a voucher, we pay out the business immediately. By purchasing a voucher now, you help the business in this crisis when they need it most.

All businesses listed on this website will accept your voucher same as cash anytime after your purchase date. This allows you to patron the business when the dust settles, but supports them when they need it most.

Local Communities

See a full list of the communities that are actively participating in the voucher program.

Kansas City

St. Louis