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“Circumvention” is a term we use for the practice of taking payments off the PopBookings site. Paying off the site is not only against our terms of use, but it also violates promises made to our users upon booking. When event workers apply to your jobs posted to PopBookings Recruit, they are advertised a 2 day pay turnaround time if booked. Paying outside the system puts a liability on us and the hiring company to make good on this advertised promise.

Circumvention is cause for account suspension from posting jobs to PopBookings. 

Protecting the integrity and experience on PopBookings is something we all play a part in. And we appreciate your help. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a solid citizen. You know it’s in everyone’s best interests to keep projects and payments on PopBookings and you’re teaching others the virtues of this as well. We thank you and we ask that you continue doing so.


If you want to avoid circumventing, it’s simple. Book on the platform!

Not sure how to do this? Below is a video on how to properly book and confirm talent on PopBookings:

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