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Save Time & Money by Eliminating Redundancies

Do you ever get déjà vu when you look at your computer screen? That feeling that you’ve already done what you’re about to do, time and time again?

Too many staffing agencies are stuck in a rut, doing the same things over and over, because their cobbled-together database doesn’t truly serve their needs. If you’ve ever entered data into one spreadsheet only to open another and enter the same information all over again, you know what I’m talking about. It takes a ton of diligence to keep all your data up to date, and often little mistakes slip through the cracks and come back to haunt you later when you least expect it.

If you’re getting chills just thinking about it, we’ve got incredible news for you. It doesn’t have to be this way! PopBookings’ revolutionary event staffing platform eliminates the redundancies of agency work to save you both time and money.

The Talent Management Struggle is Real

Take a moment to think about how many of your day to day processes require you to duplicate information or effort. Is their one particular task you dread because of the amount of redundant work it requires? Here are some of the areas in which the staffing agencies we’ve heard from struggle with duplicate work:

Talent Profiles

When you onboard new talent, do you have to copy and paste their information out of an email and into a spreadsheet? There’s a lot of data involved in screening, scheduling, booking, and paying for each individual’s work. When you have a database of hundreds or thousands of potential staffers, all that copying and pasting adds up to an enormous waste of your time and energy.

With PopBookings Talent Portal, recruiting and deploying talent is easier than ever before. New talent fills out all of their own information directly into your database for you to review and approve. Through our streamlined process, they give you everything you need to put them to work so the responsibility for data entry doesn’t fall on your shoulders. Instead of spending your time managing information, you’re able to focus on serving clients, creating new opportunities, and growing your business.

Talent Check-Ins

It’s important to keep track of who shows up to work and when, but with lots of talent spread out at multiple events it becomes a huge hassle and eats up a ton of your time. One promotional staffing company filled us in on their process: talent would text photos of themselves at the event venue to the staffing coordinator’s phone. A great way to visually confirm that they’re on time and looking good, right? Not when you consider that each photo had to be matched with a talent profile by searching for the phone number and manually confirming that they showed up, then importing the photo confirmation into the system! If a step is accidentally skipped, it impacts the ability to pay talent for the work they do.

As you can imagine, this company was thrilled to hear about our GPS Check-In feature, which automatically notifies staff to check in on the PopBookings mobile app. It tracks when and where they are checking in, and if they’re not in range of the event, they can’t check in. Because it’s part of our comprehensive staffing platform, it knows exactly when and where talent is supposed to be working. With check-in photos and timestamps, you’re never out of the loop – and best of all, you can view all staff check-ins from one convenient dashboard!

Talent Payments

Managing payroll is another task that often requires agencies to spend too much time searching for and entering in the data that they need. Just think of how much time you’ve wasted searching for banking information or home addresses each time talent needs to be paid for their work. It’s even worse if you’re manually cutting checks and mailing them time after time!

Here’s an easy way to save yourself tons of time (and time equals money!): let PopBookings automatically process payments to your talent. Our system is a start-to-finish solution for the staffing industry – that means that from recruiting and booking talent to managing events and processing payment afterward, we’ve got you covered. Once an event is complete, PopBookings tracks hours worked and payment rates, automatically sending payment once the job is over. Agencies can relax and celebrate a job well done while the system handles the follow up work.

PopBookings Saves You Time & Money

Nobody likes slogging through redundant work. Tacked-together excel spreadsheets and inefficient database systems cost you more than just momentary frustration – they take up time that would be better spent elsewhere. The team behind PopBookings understands the challenges behind running a successful staffing agency. We created the solution that we wished was available to us, and now we’re excited to share the revolution with you!


Are you ready to eliminate redundancies and save time and money? Contact us today to schedule a free demo and learn how PopBookings can revolutionize your business!

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