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Spring Cleaning for Your Event Staffing Agency

Spring is finally here and it’s time for a fresh start! It’s not just closets that need to be cleared of winter clutter – there are many areas of our lives that are due for a makeover this spring. When we cut through the junk that’s been building up for months or years, we give ourselves a chance to refresh both our spaces and our minds.

For many event staffing agencies there’s one particular place that tends to get bogged down in details and difficult to manage: your talent database. Whether you constantly keep your data organized and updated or let things slide occasionally and get a little bit cluttered, we’ve got the perfect solution for you this spring: the revolutionary PopBookings event staffing platform. It’s exactly the change you need to get your dirty database cleaned up and ready to work.

A Fresh Start for Your Data

Is your company still living in the Dark Ages of database management due to a lack of better options? We’ve got great news for you!

Far too many event staffing companies still struggle with cobbled-together, do-it-yourself talent databases that can’t fully meet their needs. Keeping all that important information organized, updated, and actionable can be a huge uphill climb, especially if you’re still relying on a mess of different documents and excel spreadsheets to get things done. Sorting through scattered files to find what you need (or to update small pieces of the puzzle) seriously eats away at the time you could be using to land new clients or locate new talent.

PopBookings’ innovative event staffing platform was created and designed by people with experience in the modelling and promotional marketing industries. That means it was literally built to target your specific needs with an all-in-one solution that eliminates the pain points agencies like yours have been struggling with. With a suite of powerful features designed to smash the status quo, we’re enabling event staffing professionals to do their best work ever.

From start to finish of the staffing process, we give you the tools you need to provide world-class service with ease. So whether you need to update talent profiles, schedule staff for an upcoming event, or process payment, PopBookings streamlines processes that used to eat up lots of your valuable time. Talk about making a fresh start!

Revolutionize Your Information & Communication

If you don’t have a comprehensive system for database management, then keeping track of your talent’s information and availability is a real chore. And when it’s time to book them for an event, copying and pasting into emails wastes your time and tries your patience. With PopBookings, detailed and updated talent profiles are at your fingertips.


When you’re working through the PopBookings platform, all you have to do is send out a link to your custom-branded Talent Portal and let your current or prospective talent do the rest. When they fill in updated information through our fast and easy profile creator, you’re given immediate access to all the data (and photos!) you need to put them to work for your clients. Remember when you had to solicit talent for updated pictures, phone numbers, and addresses? Never. Again.

And That’s Not All…

Not only do we make it a snap to collect vital information from your pool of top-notch talent, it’s never been easier to communicate with them, book them, and process payment after an event.

Our agency dashboard gives you a “History” tab where all of your previous interactions are automatically logged for future reference. Need to know which events they’ve worked before? It’s all there at the click of a button.

Our chat function is revolutionizing the way agencies communicate with staff, both internally and externally. Our all-in-one solution means you’ll never have to copy and paste into an email form again. And since all communication is automatically logged (with timestamps), you’re done second guessing whether someone has received your message or not.

Put Some Spring in Your Step

The bottom line is that refreshing your database with the PopBookings event staffing platform will give you more time, more engagement, and more opportunities to grow your business. Treat yourself to a refreshing database makeover this spring and leave messy spreadsheets and manual updates in the past. You’re worth it!


What are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule a free demo and get started on your spring cleaning.

Erika K

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