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STAFF HIGHLIGHT: Meet Joseph, the PopBookings App Sleuth

Meet Joseph

Our Go-To Guy For All Things App Testing!

Joseph’s official title is “Product Tester.” This is an important job here at PopBookings. It ensures our users get a better experience on our app. Here is what happens:

– You submit feature requests.

– Our developers make them happen.

– Joseph tests them out and sends changes back to the team.

– Our developers work on those changes.

– Joseph does one final test.

– Assuming it’s up to par, we send that feature to our users!

Learn a little bit more about Joseph:

  1. What is your favorite emojis?   👍 ⚡️ 🦍
  2. What excites you most about working at PopBookings?   Watching the company grow.
  3. Fun Fact about you:   I play Quidditch competitively.

Hobbies: Working on cars.
Experience: Worked as a waiter and a lumber stocker before this.
Hometown: Lake Quivira, Kansas   
Current Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Did you know that you can submit feature requests? Let’s keep Joseph busy! We have a help center and community where you can submit feature requests and vote on features that are already posted. Go here to post one for yourself!


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