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Stop the Stop Payments

Manually processing checks can be a pain especially when you are dealing with hundreds of independent contractors each month. Stamps, addressing envelops, and the dreaded stop payments: it gets pretty messy!

Electronically processing payments to your contractors becomes a must in this industry. However, most of the time, you are creating double entry when processing electronically. Taking your data and manually entering it into a direct deposit system still takes a considerable amount of time.

How much time do you spend processing payments each month?

We’re here to tell you that there is a better way! Marry your staffing system and payment system to eliminate the redundancies in your processes. When you schedule someone on PopBookings, it does that math for you on what is owed to each person. You can process your contractors’ pay with a click of a button and make adjustments as necessary. It’s that simple.

We use a bank-to-bank ACH transfer. When you hit the “Pay” button on PopBookings, it sends money from your bank account to your contractor’s bank account.

On average, we save clients 8-10 hours a month with our payment add-on.

If you are wasting time each month processing payments, request your free demo of our platform today to see how you can get your time back!

Erika K

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