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The 4 “Types” of Event Staffing Agencies

Creating a career as an event staffer is sometimes like a “choose your own adventure” book. It takes enthusiasm, commitment, and a curious spirit to navigate the various challenges and rewards of event staffing. That’s why it attracts outgoing, personable people who are want a job that always keeps them on their toes, constantly learning interesting new things and meeting fascinating new people.

On your event staffing journey, you’re likely to encounter many different types of agencies, clients, and coworkers. Some of them make it easy for you to find, apply, and excel at different types of jobs in diverse industries and locations. Some of them… well, let’s just say that some of them don’t make it easy at all!

Here are the four types of event staffing agencies that talent encounters on their journey:

1 – The Proprietary Software Agency

There is nothing that a brand ambassador hates more than hearing these words:
“Please download our custom mobile app to see and apply for jobs!”

Event staffers have seen this message too many times. They download the custom app, create a new login with a new password, learn how to navigate a new interface, and jump through all the hoops so that they can access upcoming job listings from one agency at a time.

One custom app? No problem! Two custom apps? How about three? Starting to feel a bit tricky…

Now what if this proprietary software trend continues? Eventually event staffers will run out of room on their phones! Well, you’ve gotta pay your bills… so I guess it’s time to delete Snapchat?

However, if you are one of these agencies or thinking about going this route, you might want to read our piece on why this is a bad idea. We won’t go into too many details, but we’ll highlight the main reason this is a mistake. By going this route, you are taking on a major project that can be very distracting to your core business of staffing. Technology is not an easy thing to build, let alone service over time. (Heck, there are whole companies built off of software! Cough Cough.)

2 – The “Email Me” Agency

This agency requires a laundry list of “to do” items from their talent for each event.
You might be one of these agencies if you send out emails that look like this:


“Thank you for applying and for agreeing to work this event!
Please read ALL of the details below prior to your event. These are all of the details you will need to get the job done. Once you have read this email, reply with the word ‘confirm’ –  if we don’t hear from you soon, you’ll be replaced.

Meet at Gate 4 of the stadium.
Please arrive 15 minutes early to your shift.
(Any later and you will be considered late.)

Your onsite contact is Jill Stevenson.
Her number is (555) 666-7777.

Read the attached document before the event. These are all of the details about the brand you will be representing. You will need to know the details of the talking points and the discount that will be provided to attendees at the event.

After the event, you will need to fill out your recap. To do so, please go to our website here:

****NOTE: You need to do this within 24 hours after the event. IF YOU DON’T DO THIS, YOUR PAY MAY BE AT RISK.

If you have any questions before or during the event, please text our hotline (913) 555-3333.


Admit it, you have likely sent an email like this at some point in your career using bold, italic, highlighting, caps lock, and various special characters to get your message across.

By sending out information all via email, it requires talent to sort through all their emails to find the event details… Can’t find them? Just call – no, wait, don’t call! Just email them and cross your fingers that they respond in time… it’s a miracle that anyone ever books and completes a gig with an agency that makes things this complicated!

3 – The Portal Agency

This agency didn’t build their own proprietary software. Instead, they use something pre-built but still make you login to see the jobs that are available.

At least there’s not another individual mobile app to download, right? But do you remember which portal you need to log in to? Find it! What was the password for this one again? Try a few different options. You’re in. Whew!!

Wait – there aren’t any job listings in your area? I guess you’ll have to log in again later…

The problem with this method of operation is that you are taking on the onus of gaining and keeping the attention of your database. Yeah, you give people the power to check in on your jobs which is better than the “Email me” Agency, but people’s attention span is ever shrinking. No one agency can have endless job opportunities everywhere in the country (or world). So if there are no open job opportunities in someone’s area, especially in those mid-market areas, then a person may or may not log back in to check your jobs.

4 – The PopBookings Agency

These agencies use PopBookings! All event staffing talent need to do is create one profile with one mobile app that connects them with multiple agencies and their exciting job opportunities. Just open the mobile app to see all the jobs in your area. Talent who work with agencies equipped with PopBookings are in good hands. See who you want to work with in your own database, but have an option on tapping into a broader community of experienced professionals.

Agencies: don’t make it difficult for the hard-working, talented event staffers in your area to book jobs! PopBookings’ comprehensive event staffing platform makes it simple for agency staff and event talent to get their job done with a streamlined, intuitive interface and a ton of great features. Give your talent what they really want from an agency and you’ll be rewarded with their loyalty and the great work that they do for your clients. It’s that easy!

Are you ready to become a PopBookings agency? Contact us today to schedule a FREE demo.


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