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The Most Effective 3 Step Approach to Successfully Book Event Staff

Are you tired of the constant stress of booking brand ambassadors and other event staff? Fed up with cobbled-together technology solutions that require extra work and oversight at every step? Too many event staffing professionals still struggle with outmoded processes that make their daily work harder than it needs to be…

Enter PopBookings! Developed by innovators with experience in staffing for events, our streamlined event staffing dashboard is designed to eliminate inefficiencies and create a comprehensive solution that works for you from start to finish. Our 3 step approach makes it easier and more focussed than ever before to book talent for events and keep your clients smiling. Take a look:

Step 1: Pre-Event

As soon as a client alerts you to an upcoming event, it’s time to get to work! Our Event Dashboard is your first (and only!) stop. When you create a new event, the built-in template prompts you to enter all the information you and your event staff need to know. Fill in the event title, the date and time, shift information, payment rates, dress code, and anything else you’d like to include. (Yes, you can include attachments of documents on your events.) Once you’re done, click “Continue to Talent Booking” and you’re on your way!

You can blast out an event invitation to your entire Talent Database or hand pick a select group of talent (using the comprehensive search and filtering function) to notify of the opportunity through their Talent Mobile App. It also sends via email if they prefer it that way. Ya know, it also sends via text if they don’t have room on their phones for an app. We’ve made it very easy for them to get event invites as they prefer.

As the responses come through, our event statuses guide you along the way, allowing you to quickly see exactly where you are in the process and how to best spend your time. From “Staff Notified” to “Fully Booked & Confirmed” we keep you constantly updated as talent signs on for the shifts you’ve created. Once you’ve reached “Fully Booked,” you can put your attention elsewhere until the big day.

It might be a couple days before you actually book staff from the initial invite. So do you also have them confirm after you send them a message that they have been selected to work an event? How do you do that currently? When you book someone on PopBookings, the system will automatically send them a message via email, and/or push notification asking them to confirm their schedule again. (It sends all the additional information they will need when you set up the event. Document attachments and all!) This is done with one easy click of a button.

See the confirmations roll in as your talent sees your booking confirmations. Automation at its finest! See someone who hasn’t confirmed yet? Don’t turn to your dependence on email. Send them a quick chat from your dashboard!

You rest assured that your staff has all of the tools they need to access the information about the event. We even have automated reminders that go out to tell them to review information prior to the day of the event. Having a hub of event information allows everyone to be on the same page!

Step 2: During the Event

Now that everyone is booked and confirmed, you can focus on the execution of the event. On the day of the event, the Event Dashboard will notify you as your talent arrives at their scheduled location. Our GPS Check-In feature has revolutionized talent accountability and made it easier than ever for staffing professionals to stay in the loop, even when they aren’t on-site.

And if any last minute questions or issues arrive, PopBookings’ built-in chat feature enables instantaneous communication between groups or individuals so you can stay on top of the situation. Group chats allow your team to answer questions like “Hey guys, where are we?” See the conversation happen and chime in as you need. We give you all the tools you need to monitor your events and ensure that they go smoothly for your client and your staff alike.

Step 3: Post-Event

Congrats on a successful event! There are just a few more pieces of the puzzle to put in place and then you can move on to what’s next. Our Event Dashboard doesn’t leave you hanging once an event has concluded – it gives you the ability to rate the performance of your talent and seamlessly handle payment as well.

With our ratings and reviews function, you can keep records of how each of your event staff is doing. You can enter private notes on each talent profile that allow you to match talent to the best opportunities in the future and also share feedback directly with that individual to help them improve and grow. PopBookings’ makes talent management simple because we know that your people are your biggest asset!

And speaking of people, we’ve streamlined the payment process as well, so your talent is confident that they’ll be paid on time, every time. The Event Dashboard has integrated electronic payment, making it simple to send payment after an event has concluded. You can calculate and send accurate payments and even add a tip to recognize exceptional work.

It’s That Easy!

PopBookings’ users save time and money with our fully-integrated event staffing solution and banish inefficiencies to take the guess work out of booking brand ambassadors or other event staff. Our 3 step approach helps staffing professionals manage more events in less time, giving them the opportunity to spend their time and energy where it really matters – building an amazing talent database and forming great relationships with clients.

Are you ready to embrace the 3 step approach and simplify your workday? Contact us to set up a free demo and learn more about how PopBookings can revolutionize the event staffing process from start to finish!

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