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If You do Any of These Things You Might Need PopBookings


Our mission at PopBookings is to streamline the very unique, but scattered process of event staffing into one, simple dashboard using technology. A lot of our current clients came from the days of doing things “the old way.” If you are doing any of the things below, you are guilty of it too.

1. Email Blast Your Jobs to People in Your Database
When you get a new job to fill, you start putting together an email with all of the information. You then drop it into a mass emailing service like MailChimp or Constant Contact. You spend the time to make it pretty and “readable.” The call-to-action is to “respond to the email if interested.”

What does that lead to? Your email inbox getting flooded with people responding. If you are extra organized, you will have different email folders going to keep track of them all. Wait, who did I say I would book for this job again? Let me go find that thread….

2. Make Spreadsheets of Schedules by Hand
You have a big event coming up and you drop in the different shifts with different rows and columns. You develop a color code “key” to denote what your colors mean within this document. People are highlighted with their information that you pulled from a different spreadsheet or email. Red, Green, Yellow, and blue! Weeee! Half a day was wasted making this document, but at least it’s pretty, right? Not…

3. Get Texts from People Checking In to Their Events
Let’s say one day you have about 30 events going on. That’s a good amount! You’re secretly hoping everyone shows up on-time. You’re worried about it all day. How do you know they are getting there? Well, they text you of course! Ding Ding Ding…..

What is a personal phone anyway?

4. Post Your Jobs on Facebook or Craigslist
No one on your roster is available for this upcoming job of yours. Or maybe someone canceled on you last minute. Looks like you need to try to find people outside your database. You’ll spend about 30 minutes writing up a job description, then another 30 minutes posting it to different groups/pages on the web to “get the word out.”

You’ll get responses, but you’ll spend half a day sifting through the “good” ones. Some follow the directions, some don’t, but you have to get this event booked. Bye-bye, weekend!  

5. Manually Make PDF “Look Books” of Talent to Send to Clients
BOOM! You have a list of rock stars who have applied to work your event. You have a client that wants to review them to make final selections. Opening Word or Google Docs, copying and pasting in their information. Formatting things to look nice. Sending it over in an email with separate attachments. Don’t forget to put your logo on the top. Size it just right. Whoa….it’s already 5 pm? HOW?

Client emails back and says can you send more options?….Back to square one.

6. Have a Web form on Your Website for People to “Join Your Team”
“What a great way to get people to apply,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. Good people fill it out, just ignore the spam that might come through. (You know what I am talking about, First Name: “:(*(@*#(!*” just submitted your web form”

You’ll find yourself constantly referencing the submissions to find people when you need to fill your shifts. Ever log into your backend of your website? You’ll do this a lot.

7. Send Group Chats for Event Reminders
A few days before the event, you want to make sure people are still good-to-go. Get out your phone type people’s names and/or numbers in to make a group chat. “Hey! Quick reminder that you are working! Respond back with CONFIRM.” Confirm, Confirm, Confirm…

Automation would be nice for this, wouldn’t it?

8. Write Checks to Pay Your Contractors
Payday is here! One-by-one, who gets what. Write it down or print it out. Address the envelope. Get some stamps. Send it on out!

What? This check got returned? Oh, you moved? Okay, let me go update that in my records….

Just Kidding! –but seriously, if you have read this far into the article, you should probably talk to us. Schedule a quick demo here, it’s free!  www.popbookings.com/demo (Even if it’s just to talk to us about your problems…we will listen.)

Erika K

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