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[INFOGRAPHIC] Trade Show Budget Cut Costs

Your Trade Show Budget:
The Fastest Way to Cut Costs at Your Trade Show

Making a trade show budget can have its share of  complexity. Since trade shows are a great way to expand your brand message and reach your target audience, many companies invest major dollars to exhibit. When you sit down to make a budget, you will start to see the costs pile up. 

What’s eating up your trade show budget the very most? Staffing costs.

Most companies will send internal employees to run the booth at trade shows. This is a big mistake. Why?

  1. It’s expensive
    Think about it: Flights, hotels, travel expenses, paying them to be there. Can you say “cha-ching?” Staffing costs make for a whopping 20% of your trade show budget on average.  

  2. Your Staff Isn’t as Good at Trade Shows
    Let’s face it, working an event is a different skill that your team might not excel at. Being approachable, how you stand, how your present yourself in person are all factors to how well your booth will do. You might have killer sales people, but they might not know all of the tips and tricks to running a trade show booth. Making the most amount of impressions in the least amount of time is the name of the game.

  3. You Will Lose Out on Business
    During a trade show, it’s difficult to imagine how busy you might be. Maybe someone becomes completely fixated on your product and wants to get as many details as possible. Meanwhile, other people are walking right by your booth.

    That’s missed opportunity. Instead, you should hire people who know how to maximize their time at that show by talking to as many people as possible. Even if you send an internal employee to the show, it wouldn’t be bad to have extra faces to help maximize impressions. 

What can you do about it?

You can hire locally instead. This will cut down on those travel and entertainment costs.

There is a service in which local event workers apply to work for various brands. No matter what you sell, they will represent your company in the best light. They are skilled in educating consumers about products. This service is called PopBookings. It’s free to post a job, pay only when you found the right fit. What a bargain! 

How does it work? 
1. Post a job.
2. Interview candidates.
3. Book worker.
4. Watch person check in on the app. 
5. Payment is handled automagically on the app! 

Do your trade show budget a favor and hire people locally to represent your brand at your next trade show. 

Get started here. 


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