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How to Use PopBookings In-App Chat Like a Boss

Let’s face it, our email inboxes house all sorts of communications with clients, your field staff, your colleagues. This can get a little overwhelming to sort it all out. One of the biggest benefits to PopBookings is to have all of your talent communications and coordination efforts in one place, leaving one less thing to be floating in your email inbox.

But how do you communicate with your talent? Through the very useful feature, instant chat. We have already explored why this helps our clients ditch their dependence on email when it comes to talent communication, but how does it work exactly on PopBookings? Well, in this article, we will explore how we think about talent communication and have architected this feature to be uber useful for you.

We have broken down the 3 different types of chat threads that you might need when you go to schedule your events: direct chat to a person, direct chat to a person on an event level, and event group chats. Let’s explore each.

1. Direct Chat to a Person

When you communicate to a person that you may or may not have worked with on events yet, there are a lot of questions or information you need to get to them. However, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily pertaining to a specific event. For example, asking them to upload something to their profile or asking when they can schedule an interview. These are both good examples of when you might use the direct chat feature.

On PopBookings, the direct chat threads show on a person’s profile. So any direct correspondence you have sent to that person is easily accessible when you are viewing their information. Most importantly, the chat threads are viewable by ALL admins on your account. Meaning if you have others that need to be in-the-loop on talent onboarding or coordination, you can see what your colleagues have sent out.

2. Event-Level Direct Chat

Sometimes you need to talk to someone one-on-one about a specific event. Usually, on emails, you will include the event name in the subject line. On PopBookings, when you book someone onto an event, a chat thread is automatically created. So if you chat with someone on this chat thread, both you and the talent will know exactly what it’s regarding because the event title will be included. You’ll know this is especially helpful if you have ever received an email from someone about an event they are working and had to ask this question: “What event is this regarding?”
If you start doing the math, taking the time to create new emails with specific subject lines really adds up…

3. Event Group Chat

Last minute changes to events happen all of the time. When this happens, you usually need to start a group text or email with an alert to anyone you have scheduled to work. This is much easier when the group chat is automatically created on PopBookings. You can easily click on the group chat thread within an event to send out any announcements. That message then gets delivered to everyone scheduled on the event. If it is a change only for certain people, you can initiate that chat using the #2 thread type mentioned above.

This is also a really useful tool for your staff in-the-field. They will be able to go to the group chat to coordinate where to meet, ask questions when on site, we have also seen it used for carpooling ahead of time! Of course, you as an admin user would be able to see these chats happening amongst your staff. You will be able to chime in as you feel you need to!

With PopBookings, we have made the communication process easy with the in-app chat feature. And we’ve made this feature accessible for everyone, no matter your tech savviness level. The chat is on our mobile app, on the web version of the product, and delivered to email inboxes if desired. We want to ensure that this was a useful feature for everyone on your team.

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