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What Do PopBookings Users Actually Get?

We talk a lot about the amazing features that PopBookings offers to the event staffing industry. Our excitement about new aspects of the platform that continues to revolutionize agencies across the country is limitless! However, all that talk about features leaves out an important part of the equation – how they impact you and your work.


PopBookings users share stories with us about how we’ve changed their lives to hear some of them), and today we want to share some of the common threads that keep emerging. Beyond the cutting-edge features, here’s how our platform benefits agencies like yours:

More Time

Efficiency is the name of the game, and we’ve heard again and again that PopBookings’ comprehensive platform saves users several hours each week. Whether you need to update talent profiles, schedule staff for an upcoming event, or process payment afterward, our platform seamlessly streamlines processes that used to eat up lots of your valuable time.


What do our clients do with those extra hours? They’ve been able to handle more clients and events than ever before, recruit more fresh talent, expand into new markets, and even take a minute to breathe at the end of the day! Just imagine what you could achieve with a few extra hours every week.

More Engagement

No more flying solo on spreadsheets. PopBookings’ accessible platform allows intuitive collaboration within your agency and with the talent on your roster. Our clients love our Talent Portal, which engages promoters and gives them access to their own talent profile so they can keep their information and availability updated (which means you don’t have to).


The more engagement you have, the less weight rests on your shoulders. Take your agency’s teamwork to the next level and you’ll reap the benefits of their passion and dedication to the work you do.

More Communication

Collaboration doesn’t just mean sharing the workload – it also means sharing ideas, updates, and successes. Our platform’s built-in instant messaging allows you to share important information one-on-one or with a group. Whether you’re communicating with your team or your talent, knowledge is power and it’s never been easier to stay in the know.


One accountability-enabler that our clients can’t stop raving about is our Geo Check-In. PopBookings’ Talent App allows your promoters to quickly and easily alert you when they’ve arrived at an event, so you don’t have to wonder. Instead of spending your time confirming, re-confirming, and double-checking via text or e-mail, you can relax knowing that your talent have the tools they need to be accountable.

More Peace of Mind

In the fast-paced, competitive world of event staffing, it’s easy to accept feeling constantly on edge as “just part of the business,” but our clients have realized that it doesn’t have to be that way! More time to get ahead, more engagement from your team and talent, and more communication about the things that matter all give you what you’re really after: more peace of mind.


We chose our tagline, Event Staffing Made Simple, because we know how complex this industry can be. It’s full of moving parts to negotiate, shifting schedules to accommodate, and emerging trends to keep up with. There was no real solution available, so our goal from the beginning was to give agencies the ability to simplify their processes so they could spend their time and energy more efficiently.


We built PopBookings from the ground up to address the biggest challenges of the event staffing industry, and we couldn’t be more proud of the difference it’s making in the lives and work of agencies across the country. It’s more than a collection of groundbreaking features. It’s a game changer.


Schedule a demo today and experience these benefits (and features) for yourself!

Erika K

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